【RD】Full Stack Engineer / 全端(前端)工程師

Job Description

【Job Descriptions】

• Designing, coding, and debugging web applications and services.

• Coordinate with technical lead on current programming tasks.

• Perform requirement analysis, code analysis, system risk analysis, and technical root cause analysis.

• Support, maintain, and document software functionality.

• Continuously learn and improve skills.

• Perform other duties as necessary.


【MUST TO HAVE】 • College or above graduate in Computer Science or related field. • Experience with web front-end technologies, such as HTTP, HTML, Javascript, and jQuery. • Strong programming experience in ASP.NET and C#. 【NICE TO HAVE】 • Experience with designing API is a plus. • Experience with modern Javascript frameworks, such as ReactJS, is a plus. • Good teamwork and communication skills.


45K ~ 85K TWD / month

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