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OnrampLab was a small team selling products to millennial brides online, and now we have more than 70 full-time professionals in Los Angeles, Taipei, and Shanghai offices. We built out our online-to-offline omnichannel marketing capabilities, especially in paid search, display, native, paid social, SEO, email and affiliate marketing across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and more. We then took our playbook and applied it to other direct-to-consumer businesses of all stages across multiple verticals.

Today, our full-time Onramp professionals drive measurable value to multiple wholly-owned and partnered companies through strategic guidance and subsequent execution in performance marketing, UX/CRO, and revenue optimization.

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Onramp Lab剛成立時還只是個專注於婚紗電商的小團隊,短短幾年內,我們現在已有70多位員工分布在臺北、美國洛杉磯以及上海三個辦公室。其中,座落於臺北信義區總部的團隊擁有多項能夠加速營運發展的專業,包含:數位行銷、UX及轉換率優化、銷售提升、企業發展基礎策略制定,並持續優化線上、線下與全通路行銷的能力,我們更將這些專業帶進、應用於金融、媒體、娛樂及食品等B2C產業。

直至今日,Onramp 團隊透過策略性的指導和執行,成功的提升了多個自有及合作品牌可被量化的價值。我們視投資對象或是合作之企業為夥伴,進而深入參與團隊營運,並專注於能夠使新創事業體更具規模的所有細節與過程。而我們的專業主要包括以下四個領域:自有品牌、合資夥伴、企業加速成長、新創投資。

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美國創投基金 OnRamp 總部隱身在台北信義區!辦公室美到我以為在咖啡廳

Company Culture
-Youth & Diversity
-Passion of Winning
-Respect People
-Work & Life Balance

Products or services

1. Owned-and-Operated Verticals
Onramp Lab has multiple owned-and-operated, direct-to-consumer verticals spanning across categories from Bridal to Finance. We have extensive experience in building products from the ground up with a track record of becoming profitable early on. We have since evolved into providing performance-based advertising solutions to marketers in each of our vertical on a pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-call basis.

2. Partnerships
What others called joint ventures, we called partnerships, because we actively roll up our sleeves and work alongside founders to build their companies together.

3. Growth Services
We provide full-service digital marketing strategies and execution for our partners focusing on optimizing ROI and ad-spend with a performance-based approach.

4. Investments
Along with the efforts of our US-based investment executives, we have selectively invested in 8 different venture capital funds with portfolio companies across major innovation hubs including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, and Southeast Asia regions. On top of that, we also invest opportunistically in early-stage companies.

1. 自有品牌(Owned-and-Operated Verticals)
Onramp Lab全權擁有數個DTC模式的品牌及公司,其橫跨了婚紗、房地產及安全防護軟體產業。我們在完整的產品打造,並使其快速獲利方面具有非常豐富的經驗,同時,我們的服務範疇現亦包含提供績效導向的廣告方案予有涉足此三大產業類別的行銷業者,藉由導入集客式自然流量,我們的夥伴能夠更有效地開拓新生意以及提升轉換率。

2. 合資夥伴(Partnership)
業界所謂的合資企業(Joint Venture),Onramp Lab稱之為合資夥伴,因為我們堅信和合夥人一起參與經營新創的過程是極其重要的。我們提供早期新創從零到一所需要的品牌策略、產品開發與優化、以及行銷上的建議和執行。

3. 企業加速成長(Growth Services)
提供合作企業及品牌全方位的數位行銷策略規劃,並實際操作、監督廣告成效。我們採用績效行銷手法(Performance Marketing),並專注於提升ROI、ROAS,以優化廣告預算和營收成長為目標。

4. 新創投資(Investment)


We believe that companies have the power to disrupt the status quo with the right team.

As entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we understand first-hand what it takes to build successful companies. With our collective experience, we enjoy partnering with innovative companies to overcome the challenges of growth and scale.

Onramp’s hands-on approach is compelling to early-stage companies as well as companies looking to drive their businesses. We believe in helping our partners every step of the way to enhance their products and services, achieve performance goals, and accelerate in growth.

Employee benefits

Annual salary: 13 months guarantee or above
保障年薪13個月 (第13個月獎金發放資格必須服務到當年度12月31日止,服務不滿一年依照比例計算)

Annual leave of 10 days and above
過試用期即享有年假(第一年10天,由到職月依比例計算, 試用期滿前請假規定依照勞基法)

5 days paid sick leave per year

Labor insurance / National health insurance/ pension plan

Free snack bar 歡樂飲料點心/吧
Monthly Happy Hour 每月Party Night (聘請專屬調酒師到公司服務!)
Private Studio 專屬員工的休息空間 (內有吧檯、定期更新遊戲的VR&Switch 及飛鏢機!)
Workout After Work 一週兩次的運動課程 (目前為週二拳擊課/週三Zumba有氧)
Annually Company Outing 年度員工旅遊
Free massage service 每月員工免費按摩服務
Friendly and happy working environment 人性化管理與愉悅的工作環境
Employee referral bonus 員工介紹獎金

Employee development plan by leadership training, cross-function transfer

Work environment

International working attitude and environment

Work with talents from diverse countries/backgrounds


Onramp Lab work environment photoOnramp Lab work environment photoOnramp Lab work environment photoOnramp Lab work environment photoOnramp Lab work environment photoOnramp Lab work environment photo


Onramp HR

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