11 - 50 people
$60 Million
No. 168, Section ...

Android Developer

Job Description

The Requirements

  • Fluency in Mandarin and English
  • 3+ years of experience in developing native Android Applications
  • 3+ years work experience as a software engineer or relevant experience (Java)
  • Experience with at least one back-end/server-side system to include, but not limited to: RoR, node.js, Python, etc.Familiar with agile programming techniques including pair programming, test driven equipment, and continuous integration
  • Strong attention to detail on every line of code, every unit test, and every commit
  • Proven track record of shipping software and successfully released apps on App Store (please include names and links on your resume)
  • Experience in understanding large and complex code bases, including API design techniques to help keep them clean and maintainable
  • Experience collaborating on software projects with design and backend aspects
  • mazing troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules
  • This is a Plus: GitHub or other public account with some cool projects
  • This is a Plus: Experience developing testing suites for mobile applications
  • This is a Plus: Experience with web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5)
  • Energetic self-starter, highly organized, motivated and enthusiastic team player


The Qualifications


  •     University Degree in a related subject

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  •     Knowledge of Agile Methodology

Proficiency in the use of computers for:

  •     JIRA & Confluence and Microsoft Project preferred


The Working Conditions

10% business travels is expected


.Prototype new and redesign features .Strong coding abilities and experience with Java and Android SDK .A focus on UI design principles and making apps work intuitively .Work closely with our product and design teams to customize the Kika experience for the Android platform


Per year USD 40,000 ~ 60,000



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