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Logo of Origin Technology Co., Ltd..

Origin Technology Co., Ltd.

Logo of Origin Technology Co., Ltd..
Origin Technology Co., Ltd.
Logo of Origin Technology Co., Ltd..
Origin Technology Co., Ltd.

Company summary

Origin Technology is an expert in integrating machine intelligence into financial markets. We are a team of software engineers and machine learning experts from the world's top technology companies, combined with managers with over 10 years of trading experience. With our advanced technology, Origin simplifies difficult and complex trading strategies, thus innovating the financial industry's trading ecosystem.

Since past trading decisions are often heavily influenced by irrational factors such as previous market information and human habits, by harnessing machine learning process: Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning, Origin eliminates excessive human interference and establishes a system with several AI gents that learn independently to unearth the best trading strategies for unknown price/volume fluctuations restricted by traditional trading mindsets.

源流科技以深度學習及增強學習為基礎,訓練人工智慧交易機器人(AI Agents),目的為降低人性對交易結果的影響,不再侷限於過去的經驗,更能適應不同種類的市場,進而穩定交易績效並控管風險。

Products or services

Deep Learning is a machine learning process that educates computers to learn and summarize features from massive amount of labelled data to develop their own decision marketing process.

Origin's Deep Learning applies Neural Network, a classification model to train agents. Neural Network in Deep Learning Process uses a significantly larger amount of hidden layers to learn features from the data without the need of manual feature extraction.

Employee benefits

※ 周六的補班皆休假 。

※ 補助參加/購買職業學習相關的課程、研討會和讀物。

※ 每日咖啡吧檯免費。

※ 每年補助健康檢查。

※ 固定年薪至少13個月。

※ 第一年即給7天特別休假。

Work environment

我們有開放和彈性的工作空間, 讓每個人可以選擇自己最舒適的狀態工作。 




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