Full Stack Engineer 全端工程師

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Job Description

As a Full stack engineer, your job responsibilities will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Leverage your experience with engineering to design the infrastructure of a certain project with the team.
  2. Developing the applications and websites with the team.
  3. Be able to complete a project from conception to finished product.
  4. Meeting both consumer and technical needs.


  1. 與團隊一起打造建立在 Messenger / Line bot 上的服務
  2. 與團隊合作開發網站程式與優化介面並評估其可行性
  3. 產品日常運作維護及架構調整


      To excel this position, you will need: 1. Be familiar with one of the main stream front-end framework (React, Vue or AngularJS) 2. Be familiar with Backend system development (Nodejs, PHP, ..etc) 3. Deep understanding of data structure, cloud computing and architecture 4. 3+ years in experience in software development. It will be nice if you also have: 1. Like to take challenges. 2. Joined a startup or internet company before. 3. Passionate about social media or new technology. 【條件要求】 1. 3 年以上軟體開發經驗 2. 熟悉任一前端 Framework (如React, Vue or AngularJS) 3. 熟悉任一後端開發工具 (如 Node.js, PHP) 4. 熟悉網站開發及資訊系統架構 5. 具備數據結構、雲端計算及架構的知識 6. 具團隊合作意識,且有獨立開發的能力 【加分條件】 1. 加入新創公司或網路軟體公司經驗 2. 正面積極且熱愛挑戰 3. 對 Social Media 及探索新穎技術有極大熱忱 【應徵流程】 收到您的應徵通知後,若經歷及專業符合我們的需求,會寄信或透過系統邀請您參加面談,透過交流了解您的經驗及對於未來的規劃,同時與您討論產品的想法、可行性,面談結束後,會在一週內與您聯繫。

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