B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition Associate

Oursky Limited, Taipei work environment photoOursky Limited, Taipei work environment photoOursky Limited, Taipei work environment photoOursky Limited, Taipei work environment photoOursky Limited, Taipei work environment photoOursky Limited, Taipei work environment photo

Job Description

About Oursky

12 years in the market, Oursky is a team of 50 geek folks and 6 cats. Geeks at heart, we enjoy getting our hands dirty and solving geeky tech problems. Most of our people are multipotentialite, and are trained to solve complex problems.

We are now looking for a B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition Associates to expand our product FormX.ai and Authgear.com customer base. The ideal candidate is an energetic self-starter who can work closely with our product team and sales team, to create an online acquisition funnel.

This is a new position which meant it is challenging but also provides huge opportunities.

Job Description

We're looking for a B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition Associate to acquire new customers for Authgear.com and FormX.ai which targets software / IT decision-makers such as CIO, IT Managers, Product Managers, Developers, etc.

As a B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition Associate, your major responsibility is to develop channels of lead generation of our products.

Your success will be measured by MQL (including Free Trial Signup, Subscribers, etc) of the products.

On a strategic level, you will:

  • help define market segments of our products offering;
  • experiment and iterate our sales pitch by talking with potential customers.

On a daily basis, you will:

  • setup, measure and iterate lifecycle email marketing;
  • improve SEO and content marketing;
  • experiment and run SEM campaigns;
  • suggest and try other growth marketing campaigns.



  • At least 1 - 3 years of experience in content marketing or SEM for B2B software or Developer Tools;
  • Excellent written English;
  • You have strong problem solving, time management and analytical skills;
  • You love learning and developing new skills;
  • You're self-motivated and able to work independently;
  • You're result-oriented and attention to detail.




How to apply?

Apply at https://go.oursky.com/apply-saasca

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Oursky Limited, Taipei

2F-3F, No. 318, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

About us

Oursky 是一家創立於香港的軟體公司,除了在香港和台北設有固定辦公室,也有團隊成員在不同國家和地點遠端工作。我們的目標是建立一間以開發者和科技為中心、重視技藝及社會公義的公司。

我們以開發開源軟體解決方案為己任,協助企業進行數位轉型,以及幫助開發者打造安全及重視隱私的軟體。我們的研發均是 self-funded,以確保 Oursky 的工程師文化及素質能體現在每個項目上。

Oursky Professional Services 團隊致力為全球各地客戶打造創新數位產品,為使用者提供優秀的用戶體驗。我們的服務涵蓋 UI/UX 設計、敏捷軟體開發 (agile software development)、軟體測試 (QA-as-a-Service)及產品管理。過去我們一直深得客戶信賴,包括嶄露頭角的新創公司,以及大型企業例如渣打銀行、屈臣氏集團及 Nvidia 等等。

我們的 Machine Learning 團隊則為客戶提供機器學習和資料倉儲的服務。


  • Authgear - 一個為 Web 和 Mobile 軟體而設、面向消費者的開源 auth-as-a-service 解決方案,內建一些 opinionated 的預設值,同時保持對開發者友善的特性。它包含各類與安全性有關的功能例如雙重認證(2FA)、session management、無密碼登入等等,讓開發者可以輕鬆改善他們的 app 的安全性。此外,企業只需進行簡單的整合,就能統一旗下產品的認證流程和體驗。
  • FormX.ai - 使用最新的人工智慧技術,提供 API 協助企業解析文件。FormX 幫助用戶解析通過行動裝置拍攝的文件或表格,擷取並轉換成結構化資料。在我們的客戶中,有購物商場需要從發票中獲取客人的購買明細,從而推薦更好的優惠給客人;另外政府部門需要透過信用卡對帳單驗證市民的姓名和地址資料,藉此加快審批作業。
  • Gesprek - 一個為中小企業而設的開源社交商務軟體。我們統整不同的聊天平台/溝通渠道如 WhatsApp、Facebook Messenger、電郵等,並與 CRM 和不同的電子商務平台進行整合,讓銷售人員能輕鬆與客戶進行對話式銷售。

Oursky 有濃厚的工程師文化,例如我們常常會嘗試最新的 Programming Language(雖然我們大部分的程式碼都是 Python 或 Go,但也會用 Haskell、Rust 或探索實驗其他新語言)、保持高水準的 Code Review;也花不少精力在強化內部工具如 DevOps 及 CI 相關的軟體。


  • 後端 Backend: Python, Go, Typescript, Kotlin, Rust
  • 網頁前端 Web Frontend / PWA: React.js, Vue.js, Ionic
  • 資料庫/快存 Storage/Cache: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elastic Search
  • 手機 Mobile: Native iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), React Native, Flutter
  • 工具 Tools: Basecamp, Slack, Github, Travis-CI, zube.io


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