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Oursky is a small software studio proudly based in Hong Kong. Our goal is to create tech which is fascinating to developers, with great & usable design, and makes lives better. Our works include:

  • Oursky.com- we help our clients work out what comes next for their business, and build web / mobile digital products that bring it to life.
  • Skygear.io - we build an open-source serverless platform for web and mobile apps, so that developers can focus on building amazing experiences quicker, easier, and securer, without messing with the backend infrastructure.
  • Skylab.ai - we apply cutting-edge machine learning technology to our clients' business, and innovate into the futures.

You may learn more about our engineering team at the blog, or internal presentations; And our office life in general. Some interesting thing about us:

  • We built Makeappicon.com which is a simple tool for developers with over 3000 usage everyday. 
  • We built apps with millions of download, include two startups apps which was listed in Apple's prestigious ‘Best of 2013' and 'Best of 2017'.
  • We made a 9upbot which is a seq2seq model trained from lighk conversations. (Fun fact: 可能係世上講廣東話粗口最叻既 seq2seq chatbot.)

We're looking for Web / Mobile App Developers to join our project team!


  • You will architect and build new web or mobile apps in their entirety.
  • You will be involved in discussions, planning and brainstorming features for different digital products.
  • You will learn and being coached by senior developers via standup meetings and code review.
  • You will be following our development process including using github, code review with Pull Request, issue tracking in sprints cycle, and CI with travis, etc.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow into a leadership role by coaching others, improving our tech and development process.
  • Have fun and play with the cats in our office. :)

We write code in the following tech stacks, you don't have to know all of these coming in. 

  • Backend: Python / Pyramid / Go-lang
  • Web Technologies: HTML5 & CSS / React.js / Gulp.js / Webpack.js / Vue.js
  • Database: MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Redis
  • Mobile: Native iOS (Swift) / Android (Java, Kotlin) / React Native
  • Tools: Slack / Github / Travis-CI / waffle.io
  • DevOps: Docker / k8s



• You want to work in small team and hate bureaucratic process; • You’re a quick learner, geeky and love hacking stuff; • You enjoy trying out new things and cutting edge technologies • You love solving problems and code; • You have experience or eager to learn Web / Mobile Frontend and Backend technologies. • You have experience or eager to learn to build production quality systems that serve at massive scales.


16K ~ 20K HKD / month

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