Job Description

Role description : 

Continuously work on delivering the best possible user experience throughout Pentium Network products. You will be joining our product design team, work closely with development team and product team to formulate from product prototypes to product launches. You will need to :
- Design features across the entire product life cycle
- Take full ownership of your design and prototyping works to the detail


Qualifications :
• 2+ years of internet company design experience
• needs to have a portfolio featuring examples of interaction design work (UX for web most relevant)
• Experience of prototyping tool such as Sketch, Framer, Origami,, Pixate, etc.
• Quickly produce low to high fdelity concept mocks and UI prototypes
• Good knowledge of client side javascript, CSS, HTML5.
• needs to be able to prove during the interview the understanding of UX domain
• Stay up to date on design trends and industry best practices
• Excellent communication skills, both in Chinese and English
• You need to have your portfolio to apply this job

Nice to have :
• Familiar with project management software e.g. Redmine, JIRA, Confuence, slack
• Agency experience
• Able to produce digital animation


70K ~ 90K TWD/month

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About us

奔騰網路科技是一間專為 DevOps / SRE 專家而生的公司,我們為龐大且快速迭代的 IT 架構打造高效易用的自動化運維方案,讓生產力不再被系統的複雜度遏制,幫助我們的客戶全新專注在解決商業上的問題。

我們關注到當產品在互聯網上放大流量後,開發,產品,維運之間持續擴大的鴻溝,日漸複雜的"系統艦隊”已經不再是加大人力投入就能保持安穩;既然選擇視而不見或是非系統性的個案處理已經不是選項, 奔騰團隊提供了一個答案:自動化聊天機器人運維平台;讓運維這複雜的事在每單位時間內花更少的功夫卻能完成的更多,讓人為介入造成的各式系統風險事故降到零!


我們是一群追求高效自動化的狂熱份子,我們為企業龐大複雜的 IT 架構提供高生產力方案。喜歡接觸尖端技術嗎?期待在新創氛圍下工作嗎? 發個 CV 過來吧!

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