🤖 AI/ML Specialist [Junior Research Analyst]

Job Description


  1. ML 架構設計與決策
  2. ML 模型開發 / 改善 /維運
  3. 資料分析
  4. 參與AI 演算法的討論與嘗試更多解決方案的可能性
  5. 衡量AI Model精準度並進行調整,讓模型能夠更精準地解決客戶問題
  6. 研究目前最新的論文並嘗試應用在商業場景中
  7. 參與與體驗敏捷開發的流程
  8. 我們仍然在不斷的成長及創新中,隨時會有更新奇、更富挑戰性的新工作

Work with team members to develop and implement AI projects. Research, test, review, provide feedback, create AI/ML/RPA-related projects.

  1. Master data analysis/cleansing and other data science technologies to understand data and design model architecture.
  2. Identify and select AI/ML technologies to solve problems.
  3. Deploy and integrate AI ​models into back-end servers and build up front-end interfaces.



  1. Degree in computer science or statistics
  2. Passionate about researching AI, familiar with new AI/ML technologies

Familiar with:

  1. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data mining
    Deep learning, artificial neural network
  3. Tree search techniques
  4. Reinforcement learning
  5. Game theory
  6. Robotic process automation (RPA) workflow automation


  1. 打造企業內 ML 系統經驗,並且有使用在商業產品上
  2. 熟悉任一 ML OpenSource 工具,如 TensorFlow
  3. Git
  4. Testing
  5. CI/CD


  1. 熟悉任一程式語言 (e.g., C#, Python, C++)


  1. 積極負責、主動貢獻、持續學習的人
  2. 對 ML 工作抱有高度熱忱
  3. 具備積極負責、主動貢獻的工作態度
  4. 具備良好的溝通、團隊合作能力
  5. 樂於學習分享、持續接受新知
  6. 具備勇敢嘗試的實驗精神


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Early EdTech Startup Looking for Full Stack Engineers for RWD Web Development.

At PerfectScore, you will work with some of the brightest minds to build modern test prep using AI, machine learning, and data analytics. We are growing quickly and always hiring.

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