Visual Design Intern

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Job Description

We are looking for a talented visual designer with a strong eye for aesthetics and creativity. As a part of the Phase team, you will have the opportunity to enhance your design skills, create original works in a variety of styles, and contribute to an evolving marketing landscape.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Design captivating visual content for marketing materials, including web design elements, social media graphics, and email templates
  • Conduct design research, particularly in the UX design industry, to ensure relevance and innovation in design concepts
  • Collaborate with team members to execute visually appealing marketing campaigns
  • Develop vivid animations from the ground up, starting with the drafts and storyboards and going all to smoothing out the final motion


  • Exceptional design skills with a keen understanding of visual elements, color theory, and typography
  • Pixel-perfect precision and a laser focus on the finest details
  • Solid research skills to gather, evaluate, and synthesize design trends and best practices from various sources to enhance visual content
  • Any experience in UX design, animation, and video editing are all pluses


  • This internship is intended for a person who can work 30+ hours per week.
  • A portfolio, either a folder on Google Drive or a personal website, showcasing your previous design work and projects, would be preferred.
  • Need to be available to come to the office for in-person discussions as required.    

Interview process

🚀 To apply for this position, submit your English CV and portfolio at

No requirement for relevant working experience
200 ~ 200 TWD / hour
Partial Remote Work
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Logo of 德商飛思軟體有限公司.

About us

  • 國際化市場:創辦人 Nick 自加拿大來到台灣,期望透過連續創業家的經驗,在台灣打造面向世界的產品。我們的公司總部在柏林,投資人包含許多歐美頂尖的創投,產品用戶瞄準歐美乃至全世界的 designer ,讓我們一起證明台灣團隊也能打世界杯!
  • 多元同事背景:Phase 團隊分佈在台北和柏林,同事來自世界各地,目前有20%比例的員工為外國人。我們來自不同的背景,包括前駭客、架構師、專業魔術師,連續創業家、MMA 格鬥選手以及機器人專家。
  • 世界級產品:我們希望藉由更為直觀、流暢、簡易的產品改善 digital design 的複雜流程。我們期望透過更簡單的程式碼交付,解決工程師和設計師在日常合作的問題,讓UI/UX designer 可以真的使用我們的產品回歸 digital design 最純粹的本質。

Company Intro

Phase is building a simple, visual, intuitive Digital Design product that everyone has always dreamed of! We want to help people enjoy being creative!

Designing websites and apps — what we at Phase call Digital Design — is fundamentally different from Print Design. Digital Designs are more about designing screens rather than pages, flow layouts adapting to dynamic websites and apps, advanced element interaction states, along with deep and practical component libraries.

The output of digital design is <Code />. Phase is building exported code with fully customized configurations. We aim to make things like selectors, events, conditions in our Digital Design products with visual and intuitive tools that enable your designs to become reality fast.

Phase team is based in Taipei and Berlin. We come from different backgrounds, among us are ex-hackers, architects, professional jugglers, along with serial entrepreneurs, MMA fighters and robotics experts. We are a team consisting of members who are growth-oriented, user-centric, team players with extreme ownership, and able to look at the big picture.

  • 遠端優先:我們採取遠端工作政策,不強制要求員工一周至少進辦公室幾天,讓你自由選擇自己的工作地點,自由無極限(需要與團隊協作時才會要求進辦公室,例如 product kick-off meeting)
  • 專注模式:我們知道工程師需要不間斷的專注才能產出高品質的程式碼,因此我們極力避免工程師的時間被突如其來的會議和訊息切碎,我們的準則是每天十二點後盡量不要有佔據工程師時間的會議,讓工程師可以專心 coding,進入心流
  • 免費午餐和下午茶:假如你喜歡在辦公室辦公,我們也為來辦公室的同伴免費提供午餐(每日預算 NTD$ 250),另外每天也都有辦公室限定的免費下午茶
  • 每月員工大會:每月一次員工大會,參與公司各部門的重大決策報,接著和同事一起吃吃喝喝,體驗 Happy Hour 的小酌時光
  • 優於法令的特休假:工作認真之餘也別忘了休息,Phase 員工每年享有優於勞基法的 12 天帶薪特休假期,自入職日期起生效(首尾年度根據入職和離職日期進行比例調整)
  • 免費健康檢查:身體健康比什麼都重要,自入職日期起,所有員工都可享有每年一次的免費健康檢查
  • 虛擬員工期權:我們除了提供超出業界規格的薪資以外,我們相信股票期權才是能實現財富自由的關鍵,讓你未來享受被動收入,與公司一同成長


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Head of People
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People Operations Leader
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200 ~ 200 TWD / hour

200 ~ 200 TWD / hour

Mid-Senior level
91K ~ 200K TWD / month