iOS Developer

Job Description

1. Take a major role in the development of our iOS app, which has been downloaded over 100 million times!
2. Assist testing and bug fixes.
3. Take part in the development of new products and features with designers and other developers.
4. Have the chance to work on different fun hack projects (e.g. games, video, chat, VR)

1. 參與產品開發討論
2. 和設計師及後端工程師合作,開發更多的App功能
3. 協助產品測試及錯誤修正


1. Has iOS app development experience and extensive knowledge of Obj-C and Swift. 2. Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming, Network programming, Multithread programming and Data Structures. 3. Loves to play and explore and be creative. 4. Proactive, always learning, team-oriented, enjoys challenges. ▲It'd be nice if you... - OpenGL, OpenCV development experience - Video app development experience 1. 擁有 iOS 開發實務經驗 (Objective-C/Swift) 2. 熟悉 Obj-C/Swift, Oriented Programming, Network programming, Multithread programming and Data Structure. 3. 愛玩、有創意利,擁有黑客精神,並享受工作與玩樂! 4. 求知若渴!探索自己的熱情並積極學習,讓我們一起變得更強! ▲加分條件 - OpenGL, OpenCV 開發相關經驗 - Video 相關經驗


Per year TWD 850,000 ~ 1,400,000



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