1 - 10 people
Mountain View, CA

Content Editor & Operations Intern (2018)

Job Description

Pointimize is looking for a catch-all Content Editor & Operations Intern who is passionate about content writing, social media and is able to assist Marketing and Operations Team with various projects to grow with the team. 


Wait, What Is Pointimize?

Pointimize is the world's first travel search engine that specializes in award travel. Our team is made up of creative and dedicated people with a goal to disrupt the travel industry in the world. 


Tell Pointimize’s story in a fun and engaging way!

At Pointimize, you will be one of the pioneer member witnessing and participating in growing this company. As the voice of our brands across our channels, you must use excellent judgment when engaging with followers and have a great instinct for what makes content travel on social media. You will also work closely with CEO and co-founders to provide direct administrative support and assist with various projects.


1. Researching key topics/ trends and monitor industry development and related industry conversations on social media.

2. Create and design valuable content with call-to-action including newsletters, email, blog posts and relevant off-site material.

3. Creating interesting, engaging content for social media posts across all platforms (especially focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and engage with Pointimize’s followers

4. Work with analytics dashboards for social media to identify market requirements/opportunities.

5. Provide regular and effective progress updates to management to ensure the mitigation of any delivery risks or issues

6. Assisting the Operation Team on various projects as assigned

7. Provide direct administrative support to the Cofounders


  • Passionate about content writing, creative ideas, open minded, willing to learn, optimistic personality is a must
  • Ability to read and write English fluently is a must 
  • Passion for social media and has extensive knowledge of the latest industrial trends
  • You are structured, organized and can manage your time effectively
  • Attention to detail with high prioritization and organizational skills. 
  • Travel lover 

Good to Have

  • Basic understanding of SEO
  • Experience in photo/video editing software
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Some prior internship and/or work experience is preferred
  • Understanding of loyalty programs
  • Experience in OTAs, hotels, airlines, metasearch and other international travel companies 

Benefits & Perks

  • Build your network and enhance your soft skill
  • Get hands-on experience in content strategy and digital marketing.
  • Experienced in targeting US and other English-speaking markets 

Duration & Time Commitment

  • Feb 2018 - June 2018 
  • Minimum 24 hours each week. 


  • Pointimize Taipei Office

How to apply

  • Please send your CV with a proper cover letter to [email protected] (Please specify your available hours)

Currency: NTD

Last Updated: Feb, 2018


Hourly TWD 150 ~ 150



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