【Amazon跨境電商】Public Relations (PR) Intern 實習生 (海外自媒體與公關聯繫/ 論壇操作/ 網路行銷)


Job Description

【PrimePlus Service】
PrimePlus is an ideal solution for Cross-Border E-Commerce.
We develop/operate overseas market via Amazon for local clients.

【Role Description】

Once our products need exposure via social media, word of mouth, local group, etc. in US/ North America to increase sales volume on Amazon, this role will be in charge of collecting related TA list, contact/dealing with the list, and ensuring the communications in effective ways.

【Job Description】

- Liaison between PrimePlus and overseas self-media/ KOL/ association for the opportunities of product exposure. (US/ Europe mainly.)
- Collect and contact the TA list actively according to needs of clients/product for seeking business cooperation and promoting products.
- Keep the public relations with TA list in a stable condition.
- Use the social media/online forum as marcom tools (e.g. reddit, Twitter, instagram, etc.)

【Duty Time Requirement】

- At least 3 days per week
- Be able to work for a semester/ half a year is preferred

Official Website: www.primeplusglobal.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrimePlusGlobal
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/primeplus


【Qualification】 - Good at expression, communication and social skills - Excellent/ Native English speaker, also in reading and writing - Familiar with US/ Europe consumer market and mass/social media culture - Quick learner with logical thinking, detail-oriented - Enthusiasm or experience in E-commerce is preferred - Had long-term living experience in US/ Europe is preferred


160 ~ 160 TWD/day

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恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司 work environment photo恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司 work environment photo恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司 work environment photo恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司 work environment photo

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About us

PrimePlus 為恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司所經營之跨境電商 / 代營運服務之領先品牌,擁有專業的跨境市場分析,行銷企劃,數據工程等完整代營運團隊,協助客戶代理營運境外市場。我們與大型品牌商及中小型產品客戶保持穩定合作關係,並積極開拓市場,致力達成業績目標及客戶滿意 。 PrimePlus 專門協助客戶經營全球亞馬遜市場,提供客戶一站式的解決方案,從市場調查、商品銷售策略規劃、口碑行銷到金流及物流串連等,幫助企業快速地在美國市場拓展並且提升市場能見度。除了對 Amazon 平台深入的了解。我們還開發了多套先進的系統來規劃執行戰略,接下來我們將推展我們的服務到其他國家,幫助更多品牌走向全世界! • PrimePlus 服務項目如下: - 境外市場產品代營運 - 產品境外市場調查與分析 - 銷售數據分析與建議 - 優化亞馬遜平台行銷策略 - 產品推廣與網站優化方案 - 產品代營運及境外銷售相關專業諮詢 在業務拓展的同時,PrimePlus 目前積極招募以下特質的人才! * 熱愛電商、行銷、品牌建立 * 大膽創新 * 不怕接觸新事物 * 喜愛團隊合作 官方網站 www.primeplusglobal.com 粉絲專頁 www.facebook.com/PrimePlusGlobal Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCluwz2eWyF_05nh7mccBHow/videos Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/primeplus

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