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Job Summary

As a Backend Developer, you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of complex AICX software products and infrastructure by using Python.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build/develop the application, server, services, and database that make up the foundational structure of a website;
  • Acquire a complete understanding of our SaaS products;
  • Be involved in end to end product development;
  • Proactively improve the architecture and pay technical debts;
  • Ensure highest standards of quality are met;
  • Maintain healthy code bade (maintainable, scalable, secure, bug free);
  • Collaborate with our product, QA and client support teams;



  • 2+ years work experience with Python Web Development.
  • Strong in Python 3 and Flask development, including in areas of multi-threading, asyncio and performance optimization
  • Strong relational database skills: writing complex SQL queries
  • Adept at finding the right tool for each task, avoiding the NIH syndrome
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Test Automation (we use Gitlab Pipelines with docker-compose and pytest)


  • Background in natural language processing and/or computational linguistics.
  • Previous experience in SaaS or AI companies.
  • Fluency in multiple languages.


20 vacation days. In addition to national and local holidays in your country.

Remote/flexible work. We’ve been remote-first since founding, with a tested process of team collaboration that maximizes productivity (<5% of time spent on meetings)

Proto gear & allowances. Proto outfits its team with quality swag and offers a WFH program for computer and ergonomic equipment purchases.

High standards & autonomy. Work with a global team of self-starters doing their best work, led by a management team executing upon an ambitious expansion plan.

5,000 ~ 9,000 CAD / month
100% Remote Work
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Proto Research Inc
11 - 50 people

About us


We’re on a mission to make certain that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone in emerging markets regardless of gender, geography, income or level of education. Machines are increasingly awesome at understanding English, but what about the 5+ billion people who need to communicate in their native language?

Proto automates multilingual customer support with a vertically-integrated product suite and the proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine for Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba, Thai and many more languages. Our core tech includes IP for mixed-language understanding and semi-supervised chat history structuring (we really love NLP).

We’re a fast-growing SaaS business with a laser-focus on being the AI Customer Experience (AICX) market-leader within the Financial, Energy and Gaming verticals in priority emerging markets.


Build fast with usage: We deploy functional products and iterate fast with real-time usage. With this approach, Proto rapidly implements cutting-edge NLP tech.

Lead first into frontiers: We target customer segments in underserved markets around the world. With this curiosity, Proto ventures first where others overlook.

Stay Hyper-Global: We’re a team with Taiwanese and Rwandan devs, building Canadian software, powered by Thai NLP for Swedish clients based in the Philippines.


As a remote-first company, our top priority is to implement new ways of enabling your maximum productivity, happiness, and contributions to the global team. To accomplish this, we receive incredible support from the Creative Destruction Lab, Next Canada, the National Research Council of Canada, and Enterprise Malta. The company founders are Canadian-Italian and Taiwanese, both with military backgrounds. We have set a cultural tone of high-accountability and high-inclusiveness that is respectful of all the cultures represented in the company.

Here are our cultural principles:

Gender Equality: We strive to maintain an even gender balance with mission-critical leadership opportunities for women.

Multicultural: We align hiring to local market demands with a particular focus on polyglots and SaaS professionals.

Age Neutral: We combine the best attributes of every generation with opportunities matched to each member’s technical and lived experience.


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Mid-Senior level
5K ~ 8K CAD / month