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Customer Support Specialist - ProtonMail

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Job Description

A better internet is possible, one that empowers people to choose how their personal information is used. This might seem daunting, or even impossible, but at Proton, building this better internet is what we do every day.

ProtonMail was founded in 2014 by a group of scientists who met at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Our first product, ProtonMail, is now the world’s largest encrypted email service. Subsequent Proton products, such as ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive, use end-to-end encryption that gives our users full control over how and with whom their data is shared.

Today, Proton is making privacy universally accessible to more than 50 million registered users, including journalists, some of the world’s largest organizations, and people in more than 180 countries. Our diverse and dynamic team is made up of more than 400 members representing over 30 different nationalities. While we are based in Geneva, Switzerland, we have offices in Zurich, Prague, London, Vilnius, Skopje, Taipei, and many more employees working remotely around the world.

New York Times journalists, some of the world’s largest corporations, and millions of ordinary citizens use our products so they can choose who, if anyone, sees their information. Join us at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies to help us solve challenging problems and build new products that will reach hundreds of millions of people. We want to create more than just one of the world’s most impactful tech companies, we want to create a new internet that serves the interests of all people. We need you, your voice, your ideas, and your ambition to make it happen.

Purpose of the role

We are looking for enthusiastic tech-savvy individuals to join our Customer Support team in our offices in Skopje and Taipei. As a Customer Support Specialist for ProtonMail, you’ll be in charge of resolving our customers' technical support questions related to our product.

What you will do

  • Interact directly with ProtonMail customers to answer questions regarding our services
  • Help resolve technical support inquiries from customers and maintain the high levels of customer support and satisfaction we are known for
  • Extensive troubleshooting in order to detect the cause of the issue
  • Collaborate closely with our developers to improve Proton products based on customer feedback
  • Helping to test the web and mobile applications on a regular basis to ensure that only a high-quality product is released to our customers


  • Excellent communication in English (especially in written form)
  • Understanding the concept of end-to-end encryption
  • Experience in Customer Support is a big plus
  • You're a problem solver with a positive attitude
  • You enjoy working in a highly dynamic environment
  • You're tech-savvy
  • You care about digital privacy and you want to make a difference

Bonus points for

  • Experience in Customer Support
  • Experience with QA testing
  • Degree in Information Technology is a big plus

Why you should join Proton

  • Be part of a movement - Proton is not just a product or service but a community-driven movement united by a shared vision of online freedom. Our services are open source, audited, and supported by community contributions. We give back to our community by maintaining core encryption libraries and by supporting other organizations furthering the same goals as us.
  • Work with smart and dedicated people - Our team is diverse, collaborative, and tight-knit with people coming from all walks of life, including many of the world’s top academic institutions and organizations, such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, Cambridge, and ETH.
  • Join a strong brand - Our encrypted email service - ProtonMail - has grown to be a staple of online security and privacy. Proton has been featured in multiple popular television and film productions, such as Mr. Robot, Knives Out, Sounds of Metal, and more.
  • Grow with us - We’re one of Europe’s fastest-growing startups, doubling in size every year. Our growth gives you limitless career and educational opportunities as well as the opportunity to work side-by-side with many world-leading experts in their fields.
  • Have your voice heard - We value your opinion and encourage you to speak up and share your ideas and thoughts. At Proton, no problem is someone else’s problem. We collectively strive to do the right thing and be the undisputed best in the world at everything we do.
  • Benefits – these vary by location and type of contract but expect support on your vacation, parental leave, refreshment if working from the office, learning and development opportunities, equity for shared success, flexible working hours and remote work, company events, and team building activities.
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Logo of ProtonMail 質子科技有限公司.

ProtonMail 質子科技有限公司

Cyber Security
11 - 50 people

About us


我們是一群想爭取線上公民自由權的科學家、工程師與開發人員。這是我們建立 ProtonMail 的原因,ProtonMail 是一個簡單易用的加密電子郵件服務,並提供內建端對端加密以及許多最新的安全功能。我們的目標是要建立一個尊重隱私的網際網路,並能安全地防範網路攻擊。

我們在瑞士、北馬其頓、台灣、立陶宛、美國、捷克、英國等地共有400多位員工,全球超過 5,000 萬名用戶。我們致力於開發並提供能保護您線上資料的工具如ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive,且仍持續開發更多產品。我們的團隊不僅有來自世界上頂尖研究機構的數學與科技知識,還結合了建構簡單易用使用者界面的技術。共同合作,讓我們一起建立未來的加密通訊科技。

We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. This is why we created ProtonMail, an easy to use secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and state of the art security features. Our goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks. We are committed to developing and widely distributing the tools necessary to protect your data online. Our team combines deep mathematical and technical knowledge from the world's top research institutions with expertise in building easy to use user interfaces. Together, we are building the encrypted communication technologies of the future.

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