Quality Assurance Manager (QA) / Software Development in Test (SDET) 軟體自動化測試工程師

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Job Description

Role overview:

A software Engineer in automation testing is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining testing frameworks, including automated testing, performance testing, mock platform, etc.

What You Will Do:

  • Design, develop, and maintain testing frameworks.
  • Deploy and maintain automated testing environments
  • Identify and prioritize test senarios that can be automated.
  • Analyse test results and report issues to the product team.
  • Continuously improve testing methods and frameworks to enhance the quality of the tested systems.
  • Help teams improve engineering productivity and delivery efficiency.
  • 設計、開發和維護測試框架。
  • 部署和維護自動化測試環境
  • 確定可自動化的測試場景並確定其優先順序。
  • 分析測試結果並向產品團隊報告問題。
  • 持續改進測試方法和工具,以提高被測系統的品質。
  • 協助團隊提升工程生產力和交付效率。



  • 5+ years of experience in software development or SDET(Software Development Engineer in Test)
  • Proficiency in programming languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, etc.)
  • Familiar with automated testing tools (Selenium, Appium or related tools) or performance testing tools (JMeter, Load Runner or related tools).
  • Familiar with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Circle CI or related tools).
  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple, diverse projects simultaneously.
  • Able to work flexibly, independent, and self-motivated.
  • Good communication and presentation skill in English
  • 5年以上軟體開發或軟體測試開發經驗
  • 精通程式語言(Python, JavaScript, Java或者C# 等)
  • 熟悉自動化測試工具(Selenium、Appium 或相關工具)或效能測試工具(JMeter、Load Runner 或相關工具)。
  • 熟悉CI/CD 工具(Jenkins、Circle CI 或相關工具)。
  • 具有同時管理多個不同專案並確定優先順序的能力。
  • 能夠靈活工作、獨立且自我激勵。
  • 良好的英語溝通表達能力。
5 years of experience required
75,000 ~ 100,000 TWD / month
Managing staff numbers: not specified
Partial Remote Work
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