Job Description

Job Description

 Initiates communication and contacts with distributor leaders to ensure their problems and complaints are dealt with in a responsive manner.

 Investigate serious ROC violation cases and to report to the respective Rules of Conduct Coordinator to ensure he has adequate information to make a good judgment.

 Investigates and confirms silver pin and above’s qualifications to ensure their achievements are in line with ROC.

 Collects and analyzes other direct selling companies' plans and activities to ensure the Distribution Relations Manager to have adequate competitive information to make his judgment.

 Contributes ideas in formulating sales meeting programs to ensure distributors’ expectations are fully taken account of.

 Stage hosts motivational and training meetings for enhancing distributors and prospect confidence in Amway’s’ business.

 Designs and delivers assigned sales training programs to the distributor leaders to improve their business knowledge.


Education background: University graduated or above.
Minimum relevant requirements:
3-year Business Administration with emphasis on Sales/Marketing or related area.
Data analysis skill is a must.
•Data collection to understand the organization; • Conduct analysis; • Interview the distributors, management team and other stakeholders; • prepare business proposals and presentations; • identify issues and form hypotheses and solutions; • present findings/insight and recommendations to distributor; • implement recommendations/solutions and ensure the Distributor receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out; • manage projects; • Monitor the progress and measure the outcome.
Special Skill Requirement: Communication, presentation, people management, people-oriented and analytic skills. Willing to travel.
Language: Proficiency in English and Mandarin.


1M ~ 1.2M TWD/year

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Full-timeEntry level150 ~ 155 TWD/hourUpdated 7 months ago