[Remote job] C++ Developer (Real-Time Trading & Supporting System)

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The client's innovative software applications and technological services are designed to bring their clients reliable and secure electronic trading systems that operate at the fastest speeds possible. They're the provider of choice for a growing number of prominent financial institutions, and their clients range from small brokerages to international multi-desk trading corporations.

Job Descriptions include but not limited to

• Develop risk management tool using MFC and C++

• Develop market data feed in C#.

• Develop real-time trading software, accomplish installation, test, maintenance such systems and handle data from database.

• Optimize trading platform performance, including memory management, inter-process communication, parallel programming.

• Collaborate with Back-End developers and Web designers to improve system usability, get feedback from and build solutions for, users and clients, write functional requirement documents, complete client requirements and ensure brand consistency.


Technical Skills Needed

• Experience with Linux/Windows, MFC, C++, C# on GUI, and Multi-Thread

• Understand computer networking protocols and concepts

• 2-3 years experience young talent is highly preferred

• Fundamentals in service-oriented architecture, object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis

• Proficiency in, at least, one modern object-oriented language such as MFC (preferred), C++ or C#

• Conversational English level


All online interviews 

80K ~ 130K TWD/



Robert Walters



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