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Job Description

擁有豐富資源及優秀軟體產業人才的Fintech公司正積極尋找Senior SRE,公司成立超過6年,有穩定的business model 及技術研究團隊,在海內外都有active user及金融業合作夥伴。



  • 設計、規劃及營運內部系統、線上服務、內部管理系統與伺服器端作業系統與軟體平台 
  • 設計與開發後端應⽤程式、伺服器及邏輯層網路架構的⾃動化管理程式,並持續精進流程 
  • 即時監控與提升線上服務的品質
  • 審查軟體系統設計與設置,以確保平台能兼顧使⽤者及開發者需求與提升可擴充性、穩定性、 安全性以及可維護性。


    • 5年以上DevOps 經驗,以⼤型分散式系統、高流量平台網站及交易系統等經驗為佳
    • 資訊⼯程、資訊管理相關科系畢業
    • 精通⾄少⼀種程式或腳本語⾔
    • 熟悉Docker Container與Container管理平台如Kubernetics 
    • 熟悉CI/CD流程與⼯具如Gitlab或Jenkins
    • 會使⽤Git版本控制系統 
    • 熟悉Linux, Windows Server 及 FreeBSD 作業系統 
    • 具備私有/公有雲部署維運經驗
    • 具備設計、分析、解決⼤型分散式系統問題的經驗 
    • 具備⾃動化⼯具的實務經驗如Ansible, Puppet, Chef 

    Interview process

    range is negotiable, if you're interested in this job scope, please feel free
    to drop an email to [email protected]

    Interview process:

    1. Phone/Video interview with SRE team

    2.Onsite interview with SRE team &VP 

    有興趣討論歡迎將中/英文CV 寄至: [email protected]

    *更多SRE/DevOps相關機會或是想了解軟體招募市場,歡迎Linkedin 聯繫 Dammy Liu:


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    Robert Walters Taiwan established in 2011, we offer a highly professional and specialised service to candidates and clients alike and is proud of the long established track record we hold with many of the world’s leading institutions. Working closely with our offices in mainland China and Hong Kong, we are able to offer a one-stop shop service for your recruitment needs in Greater China.


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