Company summary

ROEHL stands for Rental Only, Environmental Home Lifestyle. We are a startup founded by a proven industry leader with strong passion for climate change related issues. We dare to do something that no others dare or have the resource to do – disrupt the home appliance market globally with a rental only model to our consumers.

Have you noticed that your home appliances and electronics tend to break down just as their warranty run out? This is no coincidence. Nowadays, many products are designed to break so we are forced to keep throwing away and buying new ones every few years. This business model is polluting our oceans, consuming huge amount of energy, depleting our resources and killing our children's future. We all know this can’t continue, but we don't feel like we have a choice.

Roehl is here to change that. We believe that people should have a choice to do more than throwing things away. We are here to make everything in our lives last longer, more reusable and less hassle.

We do this by renting appliances to our customers instead of selling them. We design our products so well that we guarantee that we will repair, replace and upgrade every Roehl product, all for a monthly subscription fee at a fraction of the product cost.

Once you have a ROEHL product, you will never need to buy one ever again. That means you never have to worry about maintaining, or getting someone to fix the product. Using the most advanced IoT solutions, our engineers will always be a step ahead to the problems!

If you like our concept, care for the environment, or simply want a hassle free lifestyle where you don’t need to worry about your appliances anymore, join us to revolutionize the way we use products at home and beyond!

Products or services

Rental only home appliance manufacturer and service provider. We design, manufacture, rent and service home appliances in accordance to the Circular Economy and IoT principles.

All our products are designed to be modular, up-gradable and traceable using IoT technology. We use only material that can be reused or recyclable. This doesn't only include our products, we are also working with our suppliers to make sure all the packaging we used can be reused or recycled.

ROEHL business model


End planned obsolescence by changing the supply-chain of home appliances and giving consumers the option of a more environmental friendly lifestyle.


ROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photoROEHL work environment photo


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Sr. Android Developer

Salary800K ~ 2.4M TWD/year
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Sr. Backend Engineer

Salary800K ~ 2.4M TWD/year
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