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Job Description helps fashion e-commerce uncover consumer's shopping preferences and provide personalized shopping experiences to consumers. We're making e-commerce merchants have enterprise-level AI backup on day 1.

We are seeking a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our product and engineering team. The ideal person will have industry experience working on a range of UI and interaction development, e.g. dashboard, documentation, web app, or official website. The position will involve taking these skills and applying them to some of the most exciting and various online shoppers and e-commerce merchants. You will bring the ability to own the whole product life cycle, define projects, and drive excellence across teams.



  • Develop new features and a great user experience for Dashboard.
  • Solve the challenges of Dashboard features.
  • Co-work with content and design team members to build Documentation and API Reference.
  • Build products with frontend technology.
  • Implement and execute testing.
  • Make elegant and flexible codes.


  • Healthcare Subsidy (Medical, Dental, Vision)
  • Retirement savings or 401(K)
  • Extended Paid Annual time off (The first year: 10 days, by proportion)
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Life insurance
    • Tuition reimbursement and training
    • Personal facilities (Laptop, Screen)
    • Free health screening
    • Free snacks and drinks
    • Open and creative environment
    • Irregular dinner/outing, happy hours
    • Paid time off to volunteer every month (Birthday, Menstrual, Funeral)
    • Paid sick leave: 2 days every month
    • Flexible schedules and working time
    • Remote working optionally
    • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)


      Culture/6 Core Values:

      Grit - We thrive outside of our comfort zone, pushing ourselves to go even further. We think long-term and constantly strive to be better, even if things don’t always go as expected.

      Trust - We earn that trust by listening to each other, following through with our commitments, and keeping our words. We exercise transparency within the company, our customers, and our community.

      Humility - We learn from everyone and everywhere, and we approach each new challenge knowing that we may not have all the answers.

      Empathy - We craft our intention to keep curious about the industry, business, and practical scenarios that we purify the insights and forge the approaches.

      Candor - We are open and honest. We give each other praise and criticism because we believe each team member is as important as the other.

      Craftsmanship - We simplify, innovate, perfect, and start over until everything we touch enhances each life it touches.



      Taipei City
      (Near Nanjing Sanmin MRT Station)




      Remarks: is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. conducts all employment-related activities without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship status, genetics, or any other characteristic protected by law.


      [Minimum Qualifications]
      Background & Skills:
      • Expert ES6 / HTML5 / CSS3
      • Expert SPA
      • Expert Webpack and git-flow
      • Experience with React
      • Experience with design patterns
      • Experience with mainstream frameworks.
      Working Style:
      • Highly care about data security and data privacy.
      • Like to build utilities or tools to enhance productivity.
      • Like to share, learn, and try new technology.
      • Focus on code quality, iteration, testing, and best practices.
      • Excellent communication and collaborative skills.
      • Strong problem solving and conceptual thinking skills.
      • Flexibility and comfort working in a dynamic, team environment with a possible remote organization with minimal documentation and process.


      [Preferred Qualifications] (Optionally, the more, the better)
      Background & Skills:
      • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Information Engineering, or related fields.
      • Expert frontend testing.
      • Experience with Redux.
      • Experience with Typescript.
      • Experience with Reactive programming.
      • Experience with Functional programming.
      • Expert performance improvement of the frontend work.
      • Experience with NodeJS / Express, or other backend technology.
      • Experience with data visualization.
      • Experience with TDD and BDD.
      • Experience with data collection for web users.
      • Experience with the development of B2B SaaS.
      • Article sharing or participation in meetup or conf of frontend community.
      • Experience with open-source projects.
      • Participation in the tech community's activities, e.g. conference, meetup, hackathon, etc.

      Interview process

      1. CV screening
      2. Culture fit interview
      3. Assignment project
      4. Professional interview
      5. Trial days
      3 years of experience required
      840,000 ~ 1,080,000 TWD / year
      Optional Remote Work
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      About us is a SaaS company serving the ecommerce brands since 2016.
      🏆 2019 RecSys Reward
      🏆 2020 Forbes Top 25 Machine Learning Startups

      • Our clients care deeply about their shoppers and understand the value of unique online experiences.
      • We specialize in supporting fashion ecommerce clients in the apparel, accessories, and cosmetics verticals.
      • Our Customer-Intent Web App adds value to our client’s first-party data via automated preference analysis and onsite personalized recommendations.
      • The app is powered by AI and machine learning technology developed in house by industry leading engineers and fashion savvy marketers.
      • We are a young, fun, and diversified team that believes that company growth is driven by everyone’s growth. Together, from good to great — join us today! 是一間多元、年輕且有遠景的軟體新創公司,於 2016 年創立便投入時尚電商領域,以美學 AI 為客戶打造一流的推薦系統,並與客戶一起成長,紮實的技術底蘊獲得海外創投青睞,正快速發展當中!
      在 我們設計與開發一流的軟體服務,運用最新的 AI 與機器學習技術,協助客戶深入了解消費者的喜好與需求,將對的商品展示給對的人,打造獨一無二的購物體驗。


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