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韓國綜藝, 戲劇節目翻譯, 通過韓語檢定考(TOPIK)高級者優先考慮; 論件計酬, 須能面對截稿壓力並準時交稿


此為在家作業的兼職工作,論件計酬。接案人需具備優秀的韓語理解和中文寫作技巧。並具備韓文檢定高級資格、操作 Windows 作業系統、 互聯網連接、 電子郵件的電腦能力。意者必須通過測試的簡短文本翻譯 (Word),審核通過後再于予詳細的接案解說,


1 ~ 1 TWD/piece rate

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SDI Media is the world’s leading localization provider of dubbing and subtitling services, supported by the largest network of owned and operated studios in the industry. For over 40 years, SDI Media has created the industry standard for dubbing, subtitling, translation, and media services across all platforms and continues to be a leader in developing localization technologies. As the only one-stop media localization solution in the industry, SDI Media offers clients the most secure, transparent, and flexible end-to-end workflow for any type of project.


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