Android Developer - Join founding team of successful independent app (Nova Launcher partnership)

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If you're looking to not have a boss and work on a cool project that makes money, this might be it.

In July 2017 we launched Sesame Shortcuts in partnership with Nova Launcher.




User acquisition, retention, and revenue are rock solid (500k installs in 5 mos, >30% actives, top grossing productivity app). When considering those stats keep in mind Sesame only really works within Nova Launcher right now. The plan is to hire a 3rd cofounder so we can release the product to the whole Android market, while also working through our feature roadmap.


Revenue share + equity. We want to use revenue to fund growth and not take on investment. Cash is available if you need to cover bills, but you should consider this joining a startup.

We're hopeful there will be a good amount more to split when we release to all of Android. We're transparent and I'm happy to share traction and revenue numbers if you reach out.

Relevant skills:  

  • Deep Android knowledge
  • Nice to have: server, API, and low level experience  


  • Part or full time

Mostly we're looking for a good cultural fit who communicates openly and delivers on time. If you are less experienced but highly motivated... we've all been there, feel free to reach out :)

Email me (Phil) at [email protected]. Please include relevant experience, links to work samples, availability, and why you want to work with us. Cheers!


​Deep Android knowledge Nice to have: server, API, and low level experience


30K ~ 90K TWD / month

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