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SETH Technologies, a Taipei-based trading firm, is seeking quantitative developers for the development of the firm’s proprietary quantitative research and trading platform. Candidates must possess undergraduate or graduate degrees in computer science and/or software engineering and at least 4 years of experiences in one or several major object-oriented programming languages. Candidates with the following credentials and experiences will be given priorities:

  1. Solid experiences in C++;
  2. Experiences in real-time and high throughput system development (such as in-memory database development and management, etc.);
  3. Experiences in the development of order and execution management systems for stock/futures/options trading;
  4. Development experience and knowledge in quantitative systems for position and transaction management (such as PnL and risk analytics calculations, exchange simulators, etc.) will be important pluses for consideration.

Those who have interest in such positions are welcome to contact SETH Technologies at [email protected][email protected], [email protected]

    60,000+ TWD / month
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