Company summary

Shaughnessy Investment is a new kind of asset manager. Our mission is to democratize access to investment capital for trading talent around the world that have been overlooked by traditional asset managers. We have gone from strength to strength with each asset class, and are looking to expand our fast growing team. We are not accepting outside capital.

We provide working structures that lowers the risk for newcomers to make the jump into the financial industry. We require no previous track record or experience in finance. Our part time programs enable aspirant traders to keep their current day jobs, at the same time learn in a low-risk environment before making risky career changes.

Products or services

We invest in three main groups of investment strategies.
1. Discretionary Long Short
- Fundamental analysis
- Equities
- Distressed
2. Macro
- Scheduled news, earnings, numbers releases
- Rates
3. Systematic
- Pairs, butterfly trading
- Convertible bond arbitrage
- Special situation strategies


Our management philosophy is that the best investors & traders may not have the requisite pedigree and work experience to break into finance. Not everyone is willing to make a risky career change or leave a high paying full-time job, but they may have the right talent, passion, and personality to succeed in the world of investing. Our mission is therefore to find those special talent and give them the capital and infrastructure to succeed.

Employee benefits

All requisite benefits, overtime pay, vacation days as required by Ministry of Labor.

Work environment

Our work environment is optimized for individuals who already have a very successful career outside of the financial industry, to continue with their day jobs while they build a track record as a portfolio manager. With this in mind, our work structure is as follows:
- Remote or work from home.
- Part-time employment in addition to full time job allowed.
- No previous finance experience required.
- No previous track record required.


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