IT Technical Engineer (工作地:台北信義區總部)

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Job Description

1. Analyze requirements and perform network and system solutions, including planning, installation, setup, and troubleshooting.
2. Review the current IT infrastructure periodically and trying to improve the service efficiency for ensuring the IT-related services are stable and scalable.
3. Planning and deploying the monitor solutions, including service monitoring, log analyzer and other tools for
4. Strong knowledge of Windows Active Directory, Linux open-source tool, or network operating, you don’t need to be good at every scope, but more is better:
- You need to maintain the Windows AD as the domain admin role, and report any issue or give suggestions to HQ AD enterprise admins; also, you may need to write some Powershell script to implement Windows-based automatic functions.
- You may need to use some open-source tools to build up the monitoring system, like ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, or any related software.
- You need to have a strong knowledge of network operation, like, you need to be familiar with Cisco switch or router operating, or you need to have the ability to figure out what is the weakness of the network environment.
- Though you’re not applying for a security team position, you still need to have the mindset of “how to keep the IT service secure.”
5. Co-work with other regions IT staff, including Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippine, so at least you need to have good English reading and writing skills and be able to listen or speak English from a native speaker.
6. Support Helpdesk to perform troubleshooting for any IT services.


1. Minimum of three years of IT relevant experience if you have a Bachelor’s degree in IT-related major; if you do not have a relevant degree, then the minimum work experience will be four years.
2. Experience in managing worldwide Active Directory infrastructure or at least was a domain admin of a sub-domain, also you need to have a concept about the OU structure (or LDAP), and have to know how to deploy Group Policies.
3. Familiar with Linux operation, experience in building up any open-source services.
4. Familiar with the TCP/IP and OSI model and understand how they work; experience of maintaining some devices like Palo Alto NG-Firewall appliance, Cisco ASA appliance is highly appreciated.
5. Scripting skills for designing automatic function, not limited to the language of Powershell, Python, Bash shell, or even C-family language.
6. Experience of maintaining a virtualization environment, not limited to the Hypervisor, you can either familiar with VMware solutions like vSphere Suite, Microsoft solution like Hyper-V or even it is okay if you are familiar with other open-source Hypervisor like Proxmox VE.
7. Has the passion to learn related IT knowledge and skills.


45K ~ 55K TWD/month

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