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大型客戶經理 Account Manager

Job Description

As an Account Manager, you are responsible for SHOPLINE’s merchant account management. The main objective is to help key accounts grow in their e-commerce business. To achieve this, you need to understand each account’s pain point and come up with different strategies to help them scale up.

【What you will be doing】
- Build and sustain solid business relationships with key accounts and with people at all levels.
- Gather extensive knowledge of e-commerce and different business models
among various SHOPLINE merchants.
- Stay on top of latest market trends, and identify potential accounts.
- Collect feedback on SHOPLINE’s core product from accounts, while understanding the reasons and use cases of every feedback.
- Work and communicate between different functions within the company to develop proposals that speaks to key accounts’ wide range of requests, concerns, and objectives.
- Not responsible for direct-sales.


【Who we are looking for】 - A sincere relationship-builder, self-motivator, and team player. - Excellent internal/external communication skills. - Demonstrate excellent business judgment. - Comfortable with uncertainty and situations where there is no “right answer” - Strong ability to think in others’ point of view - Courageous to stand out and speak out for your thoughts. - Strong time management and expectation management skills. - Knowledge of e-commerce and startup culture. - Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. - Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. - Experience in account management, project management, or sales will be a plus.​



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2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview

2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview


此次活動由 CakeResume 嚴選 10 家科技公司,聯合舉辦快速面試活動。iOS / Android / Web / Unity / Hardware / Server 等高薪職缺,2018.03.03 等你來挑戰!