Senior Embedded System Engineer 資深嵌入式系統工程師

2021-03-05Tech » Other
Soda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photoSoda Labs work environment photo

Job Description


  • We make hardware-as-a-service companies from scratch.
  • Exclusive Foxconn relationships, producing best-in-class products.
  • Our products are in Fortune 500s and retailers across the country.
  • Founders are alumni of Y Combinator, NASA, Postmates. Soda Labs is venture-backed by strategic partners (Foxconn) and VCs.
  • 從零開始打造硬體即服務公司
  • 與鴻海獨家攜手打造一流的硬體產品
  • 我們的產品由遍佈美國各地的零售商和Fortune 500企業進行銷售
  • 我們的創辦人們具備在Y Combinator, NASA, 和Postmates的工作經歷,並獲得策略夥伴(鴻海)和其他創投的投資


  • A challenge. We're not looking for someone who wants to just develop APIs for clients to access information, but rather someone who wants to extend and improve how enterprise infrastructure is used.
  • To explore the limits of something deeply technical. Besides being technically skilled and able to lead major engineering efforts, we're looking for someone with an intense curiosity for deeply technical things most people shy away from.
  • A role with real impact and ownership. Soda Labs will enable people around the world to access quality hardware for products that small teams normally don’t have access to. You will get to make foundational decisions that will affect each product.
  • 挑戰。我們不想找一個只會開發API讓客戶取得資訊,而是積極嘗試擴展和改善企業級架構部署和使用方式的人
  • 深入探索開發技術的極限。除了具備基本的開發技術並能帶領工程團隊,我們希望能找到對於技術研究有極大熱忱和好奇心、即便是一般人不願意深入的艱澀技術也不畏懼並深入了解
  • 一個有影響力和自主權的角色。Soda Labs致力於讓世界各地的人都能使用到高品質的硬體設備,而你將可以參與影響產品走向決策的過程


This year, we have one goal. Use hardware+software to help businesses safely reopen. We want you to be a part of that goal.

Together with Foxconn, we're bringing to market a touchless screening solution for businesses. LivMote ( performs temperature readings, face covering checks, and basic screening questions all without relying on touch or invading privacy. We've piloted LivMote with some major partners this summer and need your help to identify how LivMote can be improved and expanded to help both Soda Labs and our customers succeed in our business goals.


我們正與鴻海合作研發一款針對企業客戶使用的非接觸式體溫測量解決方案。LivMote ( 在不需要觸控也不會侵犯到使用者隱私的情況下便能進行體溫測量、口罩配戴檢查、及基本的篩檢問題提問。我們已於今年第三季度與主要的合作夥伴們進行了LivMote的產品試用,並需要你的協助來進行產品的優化和功能擴展,讓Soda Labs和我們的客戶們都能實現我們的目標!


 We're looking for skilled or motivated embedded system engineers to take technical ownership on one of the following priorities for the company:

  1. Create a first in class Linux-based touch-less temperature scanning device experience.
  2. Help create applications with intuitive interfaces that are easy to maintain and improve for our core Linux apps: Temperature scanning app and firmware updater
  3. Architect security and privacy-focused data collection for sensitive employee information through our own application or partner integrations.
  4. Integrate our device physically to common or proprietary gate control access door systems through different partner facility integration.


  1. 以Linux技術為基礎打造一流的非接觸式體溫測量機器使用體驗
  2. 協助打造一個可以輕鬆維護和優化的直覺式介面以運用於我們主要的Linux apps :體溫測量和韌體更新程式
  3. 建構安全、著重隱私保護的數據收集方式並透過我們的應用程式或與第三方系統整合以存取員工個人資訊
  4. 將我們的裝置與客戶既有的門禁管理系統等功能做整合



    • Min 3+ years of experience developing Qt embedded applications
    • Min 2+ years experience working with the C++ and GNU/Linux embedded systems
    • Strong foundation in C++17 (or 20); Qt5; CMake; QML
    • Proficiency with git/gitlab
    • Great understanding of concurrency, threading, functional programming, and OOP concepts
    • Strong base in computer science (algorithms, data structures, code architecture)
    • Comfortable debugging and analyzing device-side metrics to improve optimization
    • Proficient English
    • Great communication skills through written (documentation) or spoken (meetings, presentations)
      • 三年以上Qt嵌入式應用程式開發經驗
      • 兩年以上C++和GNU/Linux嵌入式系統工作經驗
      • 充分了解C++17 (or 20); Qt5; CMake; QML
      • 精通git/gitlab
      • 熟悉concurrency, threading, functional programming和OOP
      • 具備computer science的基礎知識(演算法、資料結構、程式碼架構)
      • 能透過設備端性能指標debug、分析問題並進行優化和改善
      • 流利的英文
      • 流暢的書寫(記錄和文件撰寫)和口語(會議和簡報)溝通能力


    • Knowledge in Qt signal-slots, Qt meta-type system 
    • Good understanding of Linux Kernel Architecture and drivers
    • Foundation in GDB/LLDB 
    • Experience working in a startup environment
    • Engineering tasks planning with the product and designer teams
    • 了解Qt signal-slots和Qt meta-type系統
    • 熟悉Linux Kernel內核和系統
    • 對GDB/LLDB有基礎了解
    • 有新創公司工作經驗
    • 有與產品和設計團隊一起進行開發工作計畫的經驗

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Soda Labs

108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Section 2, Kaifeng St, No 64-2F

About us

Soda Labs is a venture studio founded by Y Combinator alum Andrew Jiang, Kevin Marlow, and Jesse Sum in 2018. We're supported by the Foxconn, the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, as well as leading venture capital funds Social Capital and 500 Startups.

We are a company builder with a unique view that the most underinvested opportunity for technology is in hardware-as-a-service. We create companies from scratch that combine connected hardware and SAAS revenue models. With our global team, OEM partnerships, and IP, we can find product-market-fit quickly and cheaply, lowering the barrier of launching a hardware startup.

Our vision is to be AWS for Hardware Startups, unlocking hundreds of billions in value by reducing the friction to build hardware-as-a-service products. We're seeking entrepreneurs, builders, and dreamers to join us in our journey.

Watch our team video to learn more:


Jesse Sum
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Sơn Min
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