Backend Engineer

Job Description

- Develop and operate backend systems related to data access, collection, processing and storage.
- Responsible for laying the foundation for the platform as well as proposing solutions to ease software development, monitoring of software, etc..
- Performance tuning and capacity planning.
- Process optimization and workflow automation.
- Monitor and handle events of production system.

薪資:年薪 35K~70K / 月


- 3+ years of experience building and operating data represent dashboard systems or applications. - Familiar with CGI, FastCGI, WSGI - Experience in real-time log aggregation is a plus. - Expertise in coding; data structures, algorithms and scripting. - Ability to operate effectively and independently in a dynamic, fluid environment. - Ability to work in a fast-moving team environment and juggle many tasks and projects. - Eagerness to change the world in a huge way by being a self-motivated learner and builder.

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