Full Stack Engineer | 全端軟體工程師

Job Description

We need you ... if you :

  1. Want to be a founding engineer of a very exciting fintech startup. (Part-time/stealth participation is negotiable).
  2. Are an experienced full stack web developer who’s had success building heavy-traffic web applications.
  3. Can build from the ground up our consumer fintech platform and can make the call what the technology stack should be.
  4. Are entrepreneurial and you want to be part of a brand new startup who will change customers' lives in Taiwan (we’re serious!)
  5. Are a leader, very motivated, have global aspirations.
  6. Are open to discussing the role of tech co-founder, and that’s because the founder has to rely on you.
  7. Are willing to be compensated with salary and ownership in the company.
  8. Are comfortable in Silicon Valley startup type environment, and are open to working in Silicon Valley in the near future.

我們需要你 ... 如果你:

  1. 願意當一個個人金融新創的工程開國元老 (可考慮兼職/秘密模式參與).
  2. 有開發流量大的全段網頁經驗
  3. 可以從零開始建立我們的個人金融平台, 而且可以推薦採用的開發技術
  4. 有創業精神且要帶給客戶生活中的改變.
  5. 具有領導能力, 追求工作成就感, 對國際市場有野心及熱情.
  6. 可考慮當科技共創人, 因為創辦人得依賴你.
  7. 以薪資+股份當酬勞.
  8. 能適應美國矽谷新創的工作模式, 可考慮往後到矽谷工作

Job Description

  • Architect and develop frontend and/or backend web, optimized for mobile.
  • Lead technical evaluation and discussions with future 3rd party partners.
  • Design and develop APIs, and integrate with 3rd party partners’ APIs.
  • Create detailed documentation.
  • Manage project sprints and run daily standups.
  • Maintain and optimize for performance, quality, scalability, and expansion.
  • Research and make recommendations on what to use and do based on our timeline and priorities.
  • Help evaluate and hire new team members, mentor interns.


- Degree in a technical discipline such as CS, CE, EE, or IS a plus.
- Experience working with user-facing products, ideally in a startup setting and/or fintech, banking, investment environment.
- Proficiency with fundamental frontend tools such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, bootstrap, and frameworks like jQuery, React/Redux, Vue, Angular.
- Proficiency with backend languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, and tools like Node, Angular, Express.
- Proficiency with Spring boot or other server side technologies such as Python/Django, Ruby, Java.
- Proficiency with database technology such as MySQL, ElasticSearch and MongoDB.
- Experience with AWS, Azure, Firebase, etc.
- Experience with Git, Github.
team setting.
- Good problem solving skills and attention to detail.
- Resourceful and comfortable with ambiguity--we won't know the answers to everything, but we'll figure it out together.
- Good English reading, writing, and speaking skills. Comfortable in google-fu and reading stack-overflow, reddit, etc.

- Bonus
- Fintech experience such as bank transfer, stock/ETF investments, mobile payments.
- Experience with React Native or Flutter.
- Familiarity with DevOps tools such as Jenkins、Docker、Chef、Puppet.

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About us

Raffitty, currently in STEALH MODE, is a consumer mobile fintech platform. Take micro-savings/investments, then add TWO more main product feature areas that have never been done before (but with mass appeal) that will greatly boost adoption of the overall product. In fact, they could be standalone money-making apps themselves.

The total addressable market (TAM) is significant (117m smartphone users in the U.S. alone), largely untapped, and the product(s) has global appeal. Once launched, customer adoption will be fast, with relatively low friction, and the product is sticky. A mere 3.4% U.S. TAM adoption equates to a projected $57M annual revenue.

Raffitty is in early stage, initial market focus is Taiwan but our potential is global.


Jason T
Jackson C
Sandy H

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