1 - 10 People
$300 Thousand

Company summary

SWAG DAO will revolutionize the Global Adult Entertainment Industry by giving power back to the community.
The adult entertainment industry is immensely profitable, but for too long content creators and fans were at the mercy of centralized organizations. Even though content creators and fans are the driving force behind the industry, their influence and control over the industry has been minimal at best due to the highly centralized nature of the platforms that they are on.As a trailblazer in the industry, SWAG decided to disrupt this concentration of power by building the first decentralized online platform and creating a DAO that will guide and control the platform through governance tokens. Token Holders who drive the community by spending time debating key issues, spending effort to research, and deciding fundamental business matters to aid the growth of SWAG, will be rewarded through SQUIRTS and Liquidity Pool rewards. The SWAG DAO will represent the first Global Decentralized Adult Entertainment Community, and for a booming platform with tens of millions of members, SWAG’s plan for migrating its existing business, which is highly profitable and has a strong track record, onchain and to a DAO structure is revolutionary. Here, the opportunity for fans, SWAGGERs, and crypto enthusiasts is unmatched, in both the adult industry, and the cryptocurrency market.

$SWAG is not your average governance token / cryptocurrency
SWAG differentiates itself from other projects through its core business which has a long track record of profitability and growth. Adding to that is a vibrant community, enthusiastic users, and a product that sells itself, making the opportunity to participate in governance unique. SWAG is already one of the largest Asian Adult content platform globally, and its growth shows no signs of slowing. Known as OnlyFans of the East, SWAG’s revenues have grown by 30X in the past four years and EBITDA is projected at over 12M USD for 2020. While the adult industry remains broadly insular, the SWAG token allows enthusiasts to get involved.

Products or services

SWAG.Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is responsible for community governance of SWAG - The Global Leading Asian Adult Entertainment Community.

Employee benefits

  • Flexible schedule (regular hours 10 am-7 pm). No check-ins
  • 7 days Annual leave
  • Remote working policy
  • 14th-month bonus
  • Job related training subsidy
  • Conference attendance/speaker subsidies
  • Company trip
  • Year-end and holiday bonuses


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Many projects mint tokens, but few today in the market compare with the attributes of the SWAG project and SWAG tokens

  • SWAG was founded in 2017 and has since grown into one of the largest Asia Adult Entertainment communities and platforms under Sam Liu’s leadership
  • SWAG has maintained profitability consistently, every year since inception
  • SWAG generates significant amounts of profit, as a REAL business should

Hence, each SWAG governance token is governing a community that generates significant cashflow — Power over cashflow is heavy responsibility

It is not surprising that businesses in any vice industry rake in hundreds of millions in profits, and so it is understandable that most businesses in the industry stay as closed as possible. As one of the leading Asian Adult Entertainment platforms globally, SWAG has decided to buck this industry trend, and lead a community governance effort.

While SWAG’s business is mostly off chain now, we expect to migrate the business fully on chain, to provide complete transparency. As there will be significant costs entailed with this migration, the DAO should vote on the pace of migration and the costs entailed. In the meantime, before migration is completed, SWAG will provide any information publicly, as approved by the DAO through upcoming votes.


Marketing Assistant

Salary490K ~ 650K TWD/year
Updated 21 days ago

Head of Marketing

Salary1M ~ 1.5M TWD/year
Updated 27 days ago
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