Data Scientist 資料科學家 / 數據分析師


Job Description

1. Identify relevant data sources and sets to mine for business needs, and collect large structured and unstructured datasets and variables.

2. Identify and integrate datasets that can be leveraged through our product.

3. Devise and utilize algorithms and models to mine big data stores, perform data and error analysis to improve models, and clean and validate data for uniformity and accuracy.

4. Analyze data for trends and patterns, and Interpret data with a clear objective in mind.

5.Communicate analytic solutions to stakeholders and implement improvements as needed to operational systems.

6.Work closely with the engineering & Operation team to strategize and execute the development of products and operation strategies.


1. Practical experience with SAS, ETL, data processing, database programming and data analytics. 2. Extensive background in data mining and statistical analysis Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation 3. Excellent pattern recognition and predictive modeling skills Experience with programming languages such as Java/Python an asse 4. Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field preferred.


40K ~ 60K TWD/month

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