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Synology creates data storage infrastructure that serves as the foundation of other businesses. Data are critical to businesses in today's competitive market, and we deliver solutions that are used for keeping business endpoints online, storing customer information and flight data, and bleeding edge projects that are transforming traditional industries. We're looking for someone that can define our brand and our products through content.

As a copywriter on the Global Marketing Team, you will help lead a small team focused on writing and delivering accurate and effective marketing materials to your intended audience; businesses with over hundreds of employees. You will collaborate with other teams in order to identify what potential customers might want, then deliver our value proposition to them.

Your team will be:
1. Developing and refining our webpage content to describe our latest products and solutions.
2. Collaborating with sales and other regional teams to create compelling success stories with our customers.
3. Working together with other marketing teams to create campaigns that raise awareness for Synology and our solutions.
4. Crafting well-timed, interesting and informative articles for our blogs, social media, and newsletters.
5. Defining how we present ourselves to our business and enterprise customers through wording, tone, and marketing perspectives.


You'll fit right in if some of these describe you: - You might have your own "lab" at home. You are no stranger to rolling your own firewall or media server. You are passionate about trying new things out and understand that sometimes the best way to learn is to experiment and get your hands dirty. - You are a storyteller. Your team might not be able to wield the flashiest of taglines or slogans, but you understand that everything has a place and time. You can craft interesting stories, with just the right mix of technical depth and marketing allure. You know which mediums are most suitable to interest a seasoned system admin and what might persuade the that company's procurement approver. - You work well with others. Some projects are just too big or involve many people. You must be able to work well with your team, using available communications and collaborative tools to increase everyone's efficiency. - You enjoy challenges. Not all projects fit comfortably on your plate, but you'll deliver high quality work nevertheless. Whether it is through good time management skills, inspiring your team to work harder, or negotiating with other teams, you can deal with tough deadlines, difficult topics, and anything that management throws at you. (Usually reasonable, don't worry) - You find motivation and pride in your work. You will be defining how the public sees Synology. Whether it’s the script for that YouTube video, or the brand new webpage for that product launch, your work is featured prominently to millions of potential customers, not to mention existing ones. We're targeting candidates with: - Exceptional written and verbal communications skills in English (previous writing experience is a plus). - Basic Mandarin communication skills (reading/writing optional). - >3 Years of Experience with Marketing, PR, or copywriting work. - (Optional) Experience in IT/technology fields. - (Optional) Leadership experience


40K ~ 50K TWD/month

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群暉科技 Synology Inc.


About us

Synology 創立於西元 2000 年,專注研發網路儲存伺服器 (NAS)、路由器以及網路監控儲存裝置 (NVR) 的各種應用,致力於創造各種資料的無限可能性,我們深信資料是客戶最珍貴的資產,可及時存取的同時,更要確保安全隱私。 Synology 從 2004 年推出第一台 NAS 以來,於全世界已經銷售了超過 500 萬台 NAS,在家用與專業使用者市場傲視群雄。Synology 整合硬體與軟體的優勢,打造資料儲存的平台,同時也在 2017 年跨足公有雲領域,建立屬於我們的資料中心,並提供 Synology 用戶專屬的 C2 Backup 公有雲備份服務。

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