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Taelor is a clothing on-demand service for men and social media influencers. Powered by artificial intelligence in combination with a top-notch team of stylists, we deliver the pieces of clothing that will make you stand out for your everyday life. You can wear our clothes for a few weeks, and when you're ready to swap, just return the dirty clothes. And if you like what you order, you can also keep them -- it’s a great way of getting to try clothes on before you buy!

Our mission is to help people feel confident and achieve their goals. Our service is for men who don’t want to spend their time chasing after clothes. Smart men who understand the benefits of owning less and enjoying more. For a low fee of only $79 to $129 per month, you can enjoy 6 to 12 items per month -- that’s just 10% of what it would cost you to buy those same clothes and wash them! Our customers also believe in doing their part to save the environment by renting clothes instead of buying them new. If this sounds like you, sign up on our waitlist and get a free box of clothes when we launch!

We are an early stage artificial intelligence startup in Silicon Valley. Our leadership team is from Fortune 100 companies like Facebook, Google, Target, and eBay, and each member of our team has 15+ years experience. They helped build Facebook Shopping, Amazon Go and Google Artificial Intelligence. Our CEO is also a TEDx Talk speaker and a best-selling author who has inspired hundreds of thousands of young professionals who came from humble homes to dream big.

Since we are still in the start-up phase of our business, we are looking for apparel brands that are interested in partnering with us to make money from their unsold clothing inventory and acquire new users, as well as investors who are interested in helping female entrepreneurs create the next big thing in fashion.

If you’re interested in joining our team, contact us at [email protected] today and be part of the fashion tech evolution!

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About Taelor

Taelor is a Silicon Valley-base, AI-powered, circular fashion platform. Our mission is to help people feel confident so that they can achieve goals and help save the environment. Taelor was the winner of 30 Rising Star award, Draper entrepreneurship competition global championship (judged by celebrity investor Tim Draper) , University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation west coast championship, featured in TechCrunch Disrupt as a Smart Tech company, and was seen on ABC News, Bloomberg and Vogue.

Taelor is a two-sided platform for brands/retailers to test products and for busy men to look good without the commitment of buying clothes.

For consumers, Taelor’s menswear rental subscription works like a “Netflix for Outfits” — members get 5-8 clothes to wear per month. Our AI picks the perfect items for members to wear for a few weeks. Then, members return the dirty clothes and get new ones (or buy them at a discount). Taelor is perfect for new-hire employee gifts and perks (Taelor is now Google’s perk) to onboard new employees in style and support sustainability.

For brands and retailers, Taelor is like their launching pad: As a SaaS data company, Taelor helps them test products, find new customers, and discover consumers’ true preferences.

Currently, Taelor is offering subscriptions to both consumers and corporations’ HR departments to help organizations improve onboarding and new-hire productivity. At scale, it will be the world's most effective product testing platform for brands and retailers to determine customers’ true preferences, which are not impacted by the purchase price, and help reduce waste. For more information about Taelor, visit https://taelor.style.


Our mission is to help people achieve their goals by bringing out the best of themselves and saving the environment.

About Our Team

Taelor is founded by two female leaders who each has 15+ years experience in the U.S.

Anya Cheng (CEO), as a product management and marketing guru, helped build Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Shopping, and worked on eBay’s emerging business and AI, Target’s (the 2nd largest retailer in the U.S.) mobile table eCommerce app, and McDonald’s global food delivery business. Anya was named Girls in Tech 40 Under 40 and won 20+ eCommerce product awards including a Webby. She also teaches at Northwestern University.

Phoebe Tan (COO) held executive positions in finance, procurement and operations strategy for one of the largest airline food companies in the world, with Singapore Airline, Amazon Go and Starbucks as clients. Anya and Phoebe both have MBA from University of Chicago Booth School.

Taelor’s engineering team includes technical executives from Meta (Facebook/Instagram), eBay and Google

Taelor’s Head of Machine Learning, Mo, was the AI Engineer Manager at Meta where he led machine learning engineers to build world class algorithms for Metaverse, influencer marketing, and recruiting teams. Before Meta, he helped build AI for Google’s search team and has 8 patents. He has a Computer Science master’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S..

Taelor’s Head of Software Engineering, Videep, was the Engineer Manager at eBay where he worked with Google to build out one of the world’s first Google Progressive Web App (PWA) and built a complicated multi-tenancy platform for eBay’s markets in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Before joining eBay, Videep built gaming software for Electronic Arts (EA) Games. He has a Software Engineering master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S..

Taelor’s NFT Technical Product Manager Joseph is a PhD candidate in Blockchain specialized in crypto technology at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Taelor’s Sr. Product Manager ChengYuan has a Computer Science master’s degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is an alum of National Chiao Tung University. Taelor’s stylists are from Stitch Fix, the leading modern fashion public company in the U.S.

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