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1. As a Technical Consultant, you will be responsible for the company's solutions/products. You will work closely with the internal teams, orders to design and deliver a customized and comprehensive services tailored to duly needs. You will also be required to manage and prepare the Technical Documents for the related teams and customers. 

2. Build executive relationships. Develop, track, and manage opportunities funnel. Identify key opportunities from company’s strategies. Maintaining long-term cooperation and communication with partners, customers and those potential. 

3. Articulate product, solutions, Fintech and cloud business strategies. Assess the tactical and strategic impact. Drive qualifications activities, escalation management of technical issues, product strategy and technical delivery, and secure customer commitment. 

4. Ensures execution to sales growth plans. Propel results through demand identification and demand creation opportunities. Capability to work with internal technical teams to come out desirable solutions and ensuring successful delivery to customers. 

5. Negotiate solutions, resolve issues and complete technical solution with peers, partners and customers employing an outcome where everybody wins philosophy.


- With understanding on precise Technical Consultant processes, such as technical documents writing, customer technical windows engagements, cross-countries project management / work experience are welcomed.

- Good spoken and written English with proficient Mandarin.

- Familiar with innovating-technology knowledge is preferable.

- Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills with the capability to work independently and under pressure.

- Willing to work independently and travel frequently upon request


40K ~ 60K TWD/month

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About us

悠遊支付樂金融科技股份有限公司創立於2018年,為TaiPay在台灣負責業務 運營的公司,公司主要產品為TaiPay Security Service簡稱TSS,TSS主要包含三大技術領域TaiPay Blockchain區塊鏈、PII Security個資防護、PCI DSS支付安全,TaiPay 以多年在Fintech發展的自主研發技術,於今年結合「區塊鏈技術」與「Tokenzation代碼化技術」兩大先進技術,推出全球首創以Blockchain+PII Security之解決方案。

TaiPay Blockchain技術可應用個人學經歷區塊鏈系統,使用者可上傳學經歷至TaiPay Blockchain區塊鏈系統,使用者學經歷中一旦牽涉到機敏資料的部分,皆會以PII Security技術作為個資保護,將來任何公司可獲該使用者授權至TaiPay Blockchain區塊鏈查詢學經歷。此TaiPay Blockchain區塊鏈技術亦可應用於醫院病歷管理系統、律師法院訴訟文件管理系統、銀行商家對帳管理系統,、保險保單管理系統,或技能證書、測驗成續單等相關應用領域。

TaiPay PII Security 將可提供GDPR 解決方案,歐盟於2018年5月25日強制實施GDPR資料保護法,將來與歐盟有關個人資料的收集、儲存及處理都必須符合GDPR的規範,TaiPay PII Security解決了GDPR規範中Article6、17、18、20、25、32、34、89之資料處理之合法性、資料保護設計及預設、資料處理之安全性及資料限制處理權等問題,



Hazel Tseng

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