Company summary

WHO ARE WE? | 我們是誰?
Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a hub that connects the most innovative Taiwan startups to the world.

WHAT DO WE DO? | 我們在做什麼?

We STRENGTHEN the startup ecosystem by building strong bonds among member startups, and collaborating with local and International partners, such as international accelerators, conferences, partners, and corporates.

Products or services

We just help, help and help some more. Just kidding, but our product and our services are our people the assistance we provide to Taiwan's innovative and eager startups. We strive to put them on the radar of investors, consumers, and potential business partners.


BRIDGE Taiwan to the world | 連結台灣與世界
We BRIDGE the Taiwan and international startup ecosystems by taking startups to international conferences, hosting overseas events, matching Taiwan startups with international investors, global mentors, overseas accelerators, and media.

Employee benefits

Besides competitive salary & bonuses and flexible working hours, here are some of the cool things about working at TSS:

a fun, colorful open office, quiet areas for focused work, & a cafe right outside

Remote Wednesday — all staff work from home (or a coffee shop, if you’d like) once a week to focus on deep work

opportunities to travel — we visit 3-4 countries each year at minimum, and various staff are assigned to accompany startups on each trip

an English-first work environment — our primary language at work, including meetings and most internal communications, is English

Friday Happy Hour — special treats every afternoon, whether it’s bubble tea, salty snacks or cake! (and yes, there’s beer in the fridge if you prefer)

our huge network — the TSS office is a magnet for visitors from all over the world, and you just need to check out our mentors page for a glimpse of who might be visiting each week

work permit available for qualified candidates

Work environment

When people visit TSS for the first time, it’s always clear that we are not what they were expecting. Whether it’s potential interns who show up in suits for interviews or members of the media worried that our office will be too boring on camera, the looks on their faces upon arrival are quite similar: surprised, curious, and perhaps a little confused. Here are some of the ways we tend to surprise people.

1. We’re small, but super diverse
TaiwanUnited StatesMalaysiaHong Kong
Staff breakdown by country of origin
Some quick facts about the TSS team:

we have just 10 program staff working full time with the Taiwan startup community
60% of us were born outside Taiwan, including the US, Malaysia, and Hong Kong
we have 50/50 ratio of female to male staff (compare that to the rest of the startup industry!)
we range in age from 21 to mid-40s
we have backgrounds in startups, investment, law, education, PR, linguistics, politics, and more
we’re an “English first” environment, but everyone is bilingual in English and Mandarin
These might seem like just numbers, but our diversity at TSS is one of our greatest assets. A broad range of cultures, generations, and life experiences helps us to avoid groupthink. This also means we encourage healthy debate. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with TSS or what your job title is — even if you’re an intern! — if you disagree with a decision or don’t understand something, you don’t have to be afraid to speak your mind or raise questions.


Allen John Ku


Graphic Designer

Job Description | The opportunity 🚀 Are you passionate about startups, innovation, and community? We are looking for a creative designer to join us and contribute to the pillars of our consulting b...
Updated 2 days ago

Project Specialist

Everiii is a Taiwan-based consulting firm focusing on the new economy, innovation, and bridging Taiwan to the world. We design and execute programs that enhance the innovation ecosystem and connect...
Updated 29 days ago

Japanese Marketing Intern (日文行銷實習生)

TSS 正在尋找一位熱情、充滿活力的日本行銷實習生,協助我們將公司行銷內容「在地化」中翻日並推廣給日本市場! 想要掌握新創圈的大小事、和新創公司接觸交流嗎?想親身參與從0到1的企劃發想嗎? 實習過程中,你將參與部門專案, 一起發想出創新的企劃💡、寫吸睛的文案🧠、參與台灣最酷的新創社群🤘🏻!
185 ~ 185 TWD/hour
Updated 25 days ago
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