Messaging & Event Middleware Developer

Job Description

1. Develop IoT core middleware based on Linux
2. Develop message dispatching and event processing system


1. Familiar with Java or C / C++ 2. Familiar IPC and threading under Linux



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Technical Project Manager

1. 公司內部專案進度控管2. 公司內部資源調度3. 公司產品開發規格書撰寫與維護

Mobile APP and Endpoint SDK Developer

1. Develop Event System Endpoint SDK for Embedded System, Android and iOS2. Develop and maintain tapgo open-sourced library3. Outsource project development

Full-stack PHP Developer

1. Develop IoT platform standard backend website2. Develop IoT platform customized backend website3. Outsource project development

UI / UX Designer

1. Design template for IoT backend website2. Research & design APP UI component and flow with Mobile Developers

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