Machine Learning Engineer 機器學習工程師

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Job Description


  • Implement machine learning, statistical, and numerical methods to design and execute strategies in DeFi products
  • Develop and optimize ML models and features to create new trading algorithms
  • Build data pipelines for data analytics
  • Design appropriate metrics to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the trading models
  • 運用機器學習,統計學,與數值計算,設計並執行 DeFi 策略
  • 開發及優化機器學習模型功能並創建新演算法
  • 為數據分析建立data pipelines
  • 設計適合的量測指標, 監控模型的交易成效



  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Hands-on experience of ML in financial applications required
  • Degree in relevant fields, including computer science, mathematics, statistics
  • Strong theoretical background in ML, statistics, and numerical computation
  • Creative thinking
  • Understanding the decentralized exchanges (DEX) is a plus
  • Experience with DeFi and cryptocurrencies trading is a plus
  • 三年以上相關工作經驗
  • 具 ML 金融領域實際經驗
  • 畢業自相關領域,包含資訊工程, 數學, 統計及其相關科系
  • 強大機器學習,統計,和數值計算理論背景
  • 創造性思考
  • 熟悉去中心化交易所的運作模式加分
  • 實際操盤去中心化及虛擬貨幣的交易經驗加分

Interview process

Financial engineer > COO > CEO

3 years of experience required
100K ~ 150K TWD / month
Partial Remote Work
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Mid-Senior level
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Mid-Senior level
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Logo of Teahouse Finance.

About us

Teahouse Finance 是一個去中心化金融(DeFi)平台,專注於解決 Uniswap V3 上的“提供集中流動性”問題。團隊曾獲得 TRON Global Accelerator 第一名的殊榮,並獲選成為Binance Lab校友。去年八月,Teahouse 在一週內從世界級投資人中完成種子輪募資,以最快速度衝擊市場。

自那時開始,我們不斷的創建與測試各種不同的高報酬策略並同步優化我們的策略平台,開發了用於回測的 Uniswap V3 模擬器等。近來團隊擴展藍圖,發行我們引以為傲的 HighTable NFT。會員可憑此 HighTable 專屬通行證進入 Teahouse 生態系統享受相關服務。

Teahouse 正尋找世界級專業人才一齊投入共建平台、策略和 DeFi 生態。Teahouse 提供優渥的薪資與鉅額的 Token 報酬給願意與我們一起投入在世界級 DeFi 戰場的早期開發者。如果你對 DeFi 有熱忱且對自己的能力有信心能夠在混亂高壓的環境下戰鬥,請務必附函 (cover letter) 聯絡我們。

如果您對 Teahouse 有興趣,推薦你不妨先閱讀我們的公司介紹,並在 cover letter 中提出你的觀點(別忘了介紹自己讓我們更加認識你!)。

"How to Defi: Beginner" by Darren Lau 是一本很棒的閱讀資源讓你更深入探索DeFi世界。

Teahouse Finance is a rising DeFi (decentralized finance) platform, focusing on solving the “concentrated liquidity provision” problem on Uniswap V3. Our team won first place in the TRON Global Accelerator, and was selected into Binance Lab, Batch 2. Last August, Teahouse closed our seed round from world-class investors within a week!

Since then, we have built and tested several high-yield strategies, finetuned our strategy platform, developed a Uniswap V3 simulator for back-testing, and much more. Now we are also expanding our roadmap to include our awesome HighTable NFTs, which will serve as a membership pass into our ecosystem.

Teahouse is currently seeking world-class talents to help us build upon our platform, strategies, and ecosystem. We offer competitive salaries alongside Token compensations to all adventurers joining us on the DeFi battleground. If you are confident in your skills & abilities and have an interest and passion in DeFi, you are invited to join our party.

Applicants are highly encouraged to read through our company intro and provide relevant feedback in a cover letter (and don't forget to tell us about yourselves too!).

"How to Defi: Beginner" by Darren Lau is another great resource for learning more.


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Head of Engineering
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VP of OP
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Lead Designer
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Mid-Senior level
150K ~ 200K TWD / month

Entry level
80K ~ 100K TWD / month

100K ~ 120K TWD / month

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