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Senior Backend Engineer 資深後端工程師

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Description du Travail


  • Collaborate with blockchain and front-end developers for complete product integration
  • Create and maintain technical documentation in English

  • 和區塊鏈以及前端工程師溝通,完成專案需要的前端、後端、區塊鏈間的整合
  • 撰寫並維護英文documentation

Profil demandé


  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Ability to independently solve technical problems as well as collaborate on system architecture as a team
  • Self-motivated, takes ownership of products/projects, and able to multi-task in a startup environment
  • Drive for continuous product improvement and self-growth
  • Blockchain or financial sector experience preferred

  • 五年以上開發經驗
  • 能自主解決技術問題,也能和團隊討論架構
  • 能適應新創的步調和變化並樂於持續精進程式效能和自身的技術能力
  • 區塊鏈開發或是財務工程開發經驗加分

Required Skills

  • RESTful API
  • Linux OS
  • Git version management system
  • System analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • [Back-End] Experience with one of: PHP, Go
  • [Database] Experience with one of: MySQL, MongoDB

  • 熟悉 API 概念,具備 RESTful API 介接經驗
  • 熟悉Linux系統
  • 瞭解Git版本控制系統
  • 具有系統分析的能力
  • 瞭解網路資訊安全
  • 使用以下任一後端語言: PHP, Go
  • 使用以下任一資料庫: MySQL, MongoDB

Interview process

Head of Engineering > COO  > CEO

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5 years of experience required
150,000 ~ 200,000 TWD / mois
Travail à Distance Optionnel
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Logo of Teahouse Finance.

À propos de nous

關於茶室(Teahouse Finance)

Teahouse Finance 是一個由智能合約驅動的去中心化金融(DeFi)資產管理平台,致力於提供安全且靈活的資產管理服務。投資者可以根據自身的風險承受能力,從各種低風險、中風險、和高風險策略中進行選擇。

Teahouse 策略 於 2022 年 08 月底上線,目前我們的資產管理總值(AUM)超過 750 萬美元。2023年四月,我們成功獲得新一輪由大東南亞 (GSEA) 領先的創投暨加速器 AppWorks (之初加速器) 所領投規模 200 萬美元的 Financing Round 募資。加計 2021 年區塊鏈創投公司 Pantera Capital、NGC Ventures、Perpetual Protocol 與多間知名創投所投資的金額,Teahouse Finance 至今累積募資500萬美元。

如果您對於DeFi充滿熱情,並且相信自己能夠在混亂且高壓的環境中脫穎而出,請務必在附函(cover letter)中與我們聯絡,並在附函中分享您的觀點(請不要忘記介紹自己,以便讓我們更深入地了解您!)。

另外如果你想早一步了解DeFi的世界,Darren Lau所著的《How to Defi: Beginner》是一本很棒的閱讀資源,可以讓您更深入地探索DeFi世界。

About Teahouse Finance

Teahouse Finance is a decentralized financial (DeFi) asset management platform driven by smart contracts, dedicated to providing secure and flexible services. Investors can choose from  strategies at various risk levels based on their own risk tolerance.

Teahouse strategies first launched at the end of August 2022, and our current AUM exceeds 7.5M USD. In April 2023, we successfully secured a new round of $2M financing led by AppWorks, a prominent venture capital and accelerator, for a total of $5M in funding to date.  Previous investors include Pantera Capital, NGC Ventures, Perpetual Protocol, and others. 

If you are passionate about DeFi and believe that you can excel in a chaotic and high-pressure environment, please make sure to contact us with a cover letter and share your perspectives. (Don't forget to introduce yourself!)

Additionally, if you would like to understand the world of DeFi, the "How to Defi: Beginner" by Darren Lau is an excellent reading resource that allows you to delve deeper into the world of DeFi.


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Head of Engineering
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VP of Operations
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Lead Designer
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