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Senior Software Engineer - Backend 資深軟體工程師

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Job Description

▋Job Summary

We are looking for applicants with technological core competence, and the ability to understand and fully grasp the development process of complex systems (especially blockchain or network-related applications). Our ideal candidates are experienced in design, maintain, audit and improve systems to meet particular needs. Candidates must be familiar with systems planning, who can fully instruct and assist the technical team in system development and maintenance.   


▋Minimum Qualifications

1. Experience
• Bachelor’s or advanced degree in CS, EE, or equivalent knowledge and skills.
• Experience in planning and executing software projects.
• 5+ years of experience in software or equivalent experience (including academic projects, research projects or internship experience)

2. Skills
• Strong analytical and reasoning skills.
• Extensive practical experience and profound knowledge of Python 3 with deep understanding of software engineering best practices.
• Familiarity with Linux environments, networking knowledge, object-oriented design, and multi-threaded (asynchronous) programming.
• Ability to analyze and design software architecture, especially for web service platforms, improving their usability, reliability, and scalability in order to promote modern, robust, and secure designs.
• Ability to create well-documented code and communicate effectively on technical subjects to improve operational processes and documentation.
• Ability to evaluate software architectures for modifiability and other qualities.

3. Mindset
• Familiarity and willingness to conduct in-depth research on related areas.
• Strong security mindset.
• Willingness to share knowledge within teams and participate in discussions.
Familiarity and willingness to self-manage and self-educate.

• Knowledge of common algorithms, data structures, computational and memory complexities and skill of system performance and architecture optimization.
• Experience in security auditing and fuzzing.
• An understanding and appreciation of observability tools for alarming, diagnostic and forensic use cases.
• Experience in cryptography / highload / protocols design.
Experience in leading teams, technical consultants or technical educators.

You will work closely with the team leader, engineers, and researchers to design, improve the features, performance, reliability, flexibility, and throughput of our Blockchain-related products, especially for the backend.
We work primarily on the Blockchain ecosystem, but prior experience with Blockchain is not mandatory.

Interview process

1. 投遞履歷
2. 完成我們於回信中提供的線上測驗題
3. 進行技術線上面試
4. 進行人資面試討論向性與薪酬



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2M ~ 4M TWD / year
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