Assistant Service Manager/Service Manager 售後服務副理/經理 (高雄/台南)

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Tesla Motors is looking for an“Assistant Service Manager/ Service Manager” to work on one of the most progressive vehicles in the world.

This position is customer facing, so personality and technical ability go hand in hand. Excellent Oral and Written communication required. If you are interested in driving a positive customer experience, we are interested in speaking with you.

We are looking for self-motivated team players with a positive attitude!

We seek individuals who value customer satisfaction.

The Assistant Service Manager will provide communication to our customers on maintenance and repair needs that are identified during service. He / She will assist the local service manager in managing the Local Service Operation as well as providing active technical support in the store. It is a hands-on management role.

Our Service Managers must deliver excellent results and achieve goals quarter after quarter, month after month, on all aspects of customers, people, operations, and financials.


- Customer focused:

Our customers are changing the world, and it is your responsibility to exceed their expectations of what a service experience should be. We expect you to go above and beyond for our customers.

You will actively monitor customer service trends to make necessary improvements, and assist your team in developing appropriate standards and processes to continuously elevate the overall service experience.

- People:

Our Service Managers lead by example. We expect you to put your team’s success before your own, and actively involve yourself in your team members’ growth and development.

Your team will look to you to set the standard for open communication, active problem solving, and a positive work environment.

We will look to you to build a team of top talent and mentor the next generation of Tesla leaders.

Our Service Managers are the coaches of their teams – you must provide regular coaching and feedback, and have a deep knowledge of your team’s strengths and opportunities. You will be responsible for leading change and inspiring your team every day.

-Operational excellence:

As a Service Manager, you must understand and own every aspect of your service center’s performance.

You will be responsible for driving continuous improvements to facilitate exceptional team output and customer service.

We expect you to champion safety, efficiency, quality, and overall excellence in all of your actions and decisions.

-Financials: Service

Managers are expected to understand our business, know their numbers and lead the center’s daily operations to achieve specific goals in productivity, quality, output, cost as well as revenue / margin where applicable.

Our Service Managers act in the best interest of Tesla at all times. You must have a passion for our mission, our people, and our customers.

Technical acumen is required – you must develop a knowledge of all Tesla products, as well as Service systems, processes, and procedures.

8 years of experience required
Managing 10-15 staff
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Entry level
400K ~ 1.2M TWD / piece rate
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About us

Tesla 成立於 2003 年,當初創立 Tesla 的工程師團隊,希望證明人們無需因為駕駛電動車而有任何妥協。相較於燃油車,電動車的性能應該更優良、更快速也能帶來更多駕駛上的樂趣。時至今日,Tesla 已不僅打造出純電動車,更推出了具有無限擴充功能的清潔能源發電與儲存產品。Tesla 深信,全世界越快停止依靠石化燃料,則越能迅速進入零排放的美好未來。

為了建立永續能源的完整生態系統,Tesla 也設計出獨特的能源解決方案:Powerwall、Powerpack 以及 Solar Roof,實現屋主、企業以及公共設施得以管理再生能源的生產、儲存以及使用。在 Tesla 電動車與能源產品背後的是 Gigafactory 1。Gigafactory 興建主要是為了降低生產電池的成本。透過內部自行生產電池芯,Tesla 得以大量製造電池以達到生產目標,同時帶來數以千計的工作機會。


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