Community Front of Desk Associate/ 櫃檯行政人員

Job Description

About the Role

The Ideal Space is looking for a full-time Front Desk Associate to act in a multifaceted support role for the Ideal Team, Ideal member companies, as well as visitors and guests. This person will be critical to shaping the Ideal experience and culture.

You will work closely with a team of experienced and driven professionals that values teamwork, integrity and business ethics. Your direct line of reporting will be the Director of The Ideal Space.





​​Duties and Responsibilities

Front Desk Management:

  • Ability to create and maintain a positive working environment
  • Providing an exceptional arrival experience for Ideal members, Ideal staff, and all guests
  • Maintaining a welcoming presence at the front-desk
  • Supporting members with tasks and local area knowledge
  • Supporting Ideal events, meetings and tours
  • Promptly answering the phone
  • Opening and closing the office
  • Receiving and sorting of mail and packages
  • Ensuring space maintains standard in terms of aesthetics and maintenance

Ideal Events:

  • Assist in the preparations of events programming initiatives
  • Supporting Events Management with member event planning & execution
  • Happy Hours, Lunch & Learn, Networking etc.
  • Supporting Ideal execution & creation of company events
  • Logistics requirements of events (ordering of food, drinks, materials etc)
  • Liaison between Certified Vendors and Client
  • Drafting various protocols and procedures
  • Ad Hoc duties at the discretion of Director of Ideal Space

Ideal Workspace:

  • Assisting with on-boarding and termination of memberships
  • Member and operation management with other Ideal team members
  • Help in the day-to-day operations of Ideal coworking space
  • Building strong positive culture among Ideal community members and with the Ideal team
  • Fostering overall membership satisfaction
  • Membership engagement & retention
  • Conducting tours & supporting membership sales activities
  • Implementation of new ideas & offerings

Who You Are

You are a driven people-person who is detail-oriented and takes pride in getting the job done right. You are the ultimate host, you can effortlessly make people feel welcomed and create a strong sense of community within our team and members alike. You pride yourself on your helpfulness and friendliness and want to find a company that will support your career development. 

In addition to these qualities, you possess:

  • College graduate preferred, but not required
  • Experience in hospitality and/or customer service
  • Ability to lead and inspire a team and work well independently
  • Must have strong Mandarin verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to speak/write English is a bonus
  • Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy
  • Thrive in social activities with excellent networking skills
  • Ability to build strong professional relationships
  • Strong organization skills with the ability to execute projects from start to finish
  • Ability to foster strong culture & community
  • Capable of taking ownership of problems and find ways to solve them
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office and Google Workspace(Google Business suite)
  • Passion and understanding for Ideal’s mission and values



  • 有能力創造和維持積極的工作環境
  • 提供理想商務空間會員及理想員工美好且專業的體驗
  • 良好的接待態度
  • 解決及回覆會員問題
  • 即時接聽電話
  • 接收和整理郵件、包裹
  • 確保空間的美觀以及維護


  • 協助籌備活動方案及實施
  • 協助活動管理部門進行會員活動規劃及執行
  • 一起開心參與活動歡樂時光、午餐交流等
  • 活動前置作業協助(訂購食品、飲料等)
  • 協助廠商及顧客之間的聯絡
  • 理想商務空間總監交代事項


  • 協助理想會員進駐及終止合約工作
  • 與其他理想團隊成員一起進行會員的營運與管理
  • 協助理想會員及理想團隊一起建立緊密且積極的文化
  • 提升理想會員的整體滿意度,維持良好的會員關係
  • 帶領會員參觀空間及銷售,實行理想商務空間的新想法及服務項目

Interview process




  • 大學畢業優先,但非必須
  • 有接待和或客戶服務方面經驗
  • 有領導和激勵團隊能力並能獨立工作
  • 必須有很強的中文溝通及書寫能力
  • 可以說/寫英文為佳
  • 表現出正直、可靠、有責任心、有職業道德、有同理心
  • 在社群活動中茁壯成長,具有出色的人際網絡技能
  • 有能力建立強大的專業關係
  • 有很強的組織能力,有能力從頭到尾執行項目
  • 有能力培養強大的文化和社區
  • 能夠掌握問题的主動權並找到解决問题的方法
  • 熟練掌握MS Office和Google Workspace(Google Business suite)
  • 對於理想商務擁有使命感和充滿熱情


2 rounds of interviews with the management team at Ideal Space.


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Logo of The Ideal Venture Studio & Innovation Space.

About us

﹝Ideal 理想﹞
藉由打造一個充滿希望的創業服務空間,幫助更多帶著理想創業的人,期待參與你們精彩的奮鬥歷程,不論資金募資、法律、會計諮詢,甚至是人脈的引薦,我們非常願意與你們共享我們的資源 只需要你們"帶著理想來這裡實現它"

The Ideal Venture Studio & Space, founded in 2021 with the mission to provide “Venture as a Service” for founders, SMEs & corporations. Besides offering an innovation space (private offices, meeting rooms & event spaces), it is a full service, one-stop innovation hub to assist in company growth, market development, and venture investments from Taiwan to Asia.

Backed by an established family owned enterprise with over 70 years of history and experience in building companies from ground up across Asia and western markets with exposure & success in multiple industries.

Ideal consults, scales and help fund companies with disruptive ideas- combining experience, capital, resources and talent together, working hand in hand with founders to build great companies.

理想創業工場,成立於 2021 年,提供「Venture as a Service」的新型態服務給創業家、中小企業與大型企業。在這裡,我們不只是提供一個創新空間(獨立辦公室、會議室與活動場域),同時也提供一站式的全方位服務來協助公司成長、市場開發、募資以及風險投資,範圍從台灣擴及至東亞地區。

Ideal 理想,由一家超過70年歷史的企業集團支持,該集團在亞洲和西方市場擁有豐富的經驗及眼光,並且已經在多個產業與領域有著成功的經驗。



We are Ideal and we provide The Ideal Space for your business, growth and learning.



Line:[email protected]

Email: [email protected]


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Marketing Manager
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Entry level
20K ~ 30K TWD / month

170 ~ 200 TWD / hour

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