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Product Support Specialist (Part Time, Remote)


Job Description

What you'll be doing

- To be in close contact with merchants (primary focus), end-consumers and internal teams, provide product support and assistance when they need help via Live Chat, email and other channels

- Provide support, troubleshooting and solutions in our core products including Oddle Shop, Oddle Reserve, QR, Terminal and other future products

- Ensure that all product-related inquiries, issues and incident reports are handled promptly from initial contact until resolution

- Ensure that merchants, end-consumers and internal teams have an optimal experience with the Oddle platform

- Consolidate repeated product feedback from merchants, end-consumers and internal teams and escalated to Team Lead or relevant business units

- Acquire in-depth knowledge of how an e-commerce operations function

- Be trained in communications and fact-finding skills

- Solve any problems that might arise


Who we're looking for

- At least 1 years of experience in the product support / help desk / technical customer service role

- You are highly responsible and customer-oriented

- You have excellent English communication and writing skills, able to explain complex topics in the easy-to-understand and concise language

- You take pride in your work quality with a customer service-oriented mindset

- You are self-driven and passionate about helping customers and merchants

- You are open-minded and able to adapt to a fast-paced environment, and possess a good attitude towards learning and improving

- You are tech-savvy and able to maneuver around technical systems

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1 years of experience required
176+ TWD / hour
100% Remote Work
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Logo of Oddle | 新加坡商奧德利有限公司台灣分公司.

About us

Oddle來自新加坡,致力於幫助餐廳發展自營品牌的合作伙伴, 目前橫跨台灣、香港、馬來西亞等餐飲市場,希望運用數位餐飲科技、提供餐飲經營者專業的經營知識,達成O2O(線上線下)營收增長,目前輔導全球超過5,000家餐飲品牌,讓餐飲品牌更升級。

台灣是美食王國,也是Oddle 積極發展發的重要市場, 我們從新加坡啟程,期待把Oddle的服務拓展到台灣,並成為橫跨亞太地區的 FoodTech 領導品牌。如果你願意跟我們一起完成這個目標,歡迎你帶著你的衝勁及創意,加入我們!

About Oddle

Oddle is committed to be F&B brands' trusted partner to digitalise, optimize and grow their business. Oddle started in 2014 as a white-label e-commerce platform and software that enabled restaurants to build their own store online with instant connectivity to local logistics partners. Today, Oddle has over 5,000 F&B brands onboarded in the region and offers a vertically integrated solution (with reservation, table ordering and even marketing services) that streamlines and consolidates both online and offline channels, giving merchants more insights on their own consumers to improve engagement with their best customers.

Oddle's consumer-facing platform, Oddle Eats, not only helps over 1 million food lovers discover new restaurants through personalized recommendations, it also provides F&B brands an additional channel to secure more online deliveries and table reservations to grow their sales; which can be up to 30% of a restaurant's total monthly revenue. Begin your food discovery journey here at


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