Podcast 製作企劃剪輯志工 

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1. 英文能力強,文案強、製作短片或製圖尤佳。
2. 熟新聞編輯,熱愛台灣,喜歡為台灣發聲,有興趣或願意學習了解者。
3. 行銷圖文素材製作與編輯。
4. 擅長與人溝通。


❖ 優秀的企劃力及組織力,舉一反三
❖ 對網路行銷與文案編輯/社群媒體/影音製作/音檔編輯能力有基本的認識
❖ 具備英文寫作能力
❖ 基本的美編能力/影音能力/音檔編輯能力
❖ 熱愛學習與分享,享受新創團隊充滿挑戰的生活

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The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報


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The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 is one of the leading English based portals which reports about all the breaking news in various domains of Taiwan.

The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 is one of the leading portals which reports about all the breaking news regarding Politics, Sports, Agriculture, Business, Technology and other domains in connection with Taiwan. The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 is an English-language based portal which represents all the news from Taiwan’s perspective and makes them available for readers in Taiwan as well as international readers.

The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 also promises to report on all the current news happening in and around Taiwan in a neutral and unbiased manner. The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 also has a motto of “bringing Taiwan closer to the world” and we strive to be as close to our motto as possible.

With our experienced and talented reporters, The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報 is sure to become a potent force in the news and journalism sector of Taiwan. At The Taiwan Times 台灣國際報, you will find stories related to Politics, Entertainment, Sports, and other sectors but all our journalists are advised to have an unbiased view while reporting which does not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Also, our website (thetaiwantimes.com) is freely available for all the readers, nationally and internationally. If you have any problems with the content or reporting on our website, you can reach out to us via our Contact Us page which contains all the details about us.


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