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Job Description

Want an opportunity to work in the top public blockchain company with users and partners all over the world?

ThunderCore is seeking a highly-motivated, experienced and skilled engineering manager to join and lead our blockchain platform team! You will lead the team to build up innovative products and tools to enrich the ecosystem on ThunderCore blockchain.

What you will do:
- Lead and grow a high performance software engineer team by mentoring and growing technical skill sets of the team, and ensure the team implements best practices
- Work with product leads to grow active users and applications on ThunderCore by continuously iterating on developer tools
- Work with other engineering leads to move the engineering practice forward and uphold and improve our execution standards
- Communicate and collaborate with internal stakeholders on technical consideration, risk evaluation, and resource allocation
- Design system architecture, choose proper technologies and refine the development process
- Provide technical supports and guidance for external partners


What you need to succeed:
- Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field or the equivalent in education
- Five to eight years experience in software development
- Two to three years experience in engineering management or technical leadership position
- One year experience in blockchain technology or two years of being a blockchain enthusiast
- Demonstrated ability of collaborating with Product, BD, marketing, partners and executive team
- Actively coach, mentor and incentivize team members in their careers
- Demonstrated capacity to clearly and concisely communicate about complex technical, architectural, organizational problems and propose thorough iterative solutions
- Experience with system performance and optimization problems and a demonstrated ability to both diagnose and prevent these problems

What we prefer:
- Familiarity with modern blockchain development processes and tools (eg. Solidity, Truffle, Remix)
- Experience with Node.js, React, TypeScript and functional programming
- Experience with Git, SQL databases and Amazon Web Services
- Experience with Agile software development
- Experienced in working in a software startup company

Interview process

HR-Onsite(Product Lead)-Onsite(Core Lead)-Onsite(team members)-Onsite(Line manager)

5 years of experience required
2.2M ~ 3M TWD / year
Managing 1-5 staff
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Logo of ThunderCore 閃電核心科技.

About us


Thunder 2018年正式成立,致力於區塊鏈技術研發及應用,並提供國內外企業互聯網及區塊鏈相關系統的設計、規劃等技術服務,以大規模共識機制打造快速、安全,高擴展性的區塊鏈,志在研發和推動Web 3.0,Thunder的科學家不僅創立了加密貨幣合同倡議 (IC3) ,並合作發表了學術界上第一篇關於比特幣和智能合約的學術論文,Thunder為區塊鏈創新的前行者,結合最強的學術研究及區塊鏈技術專家,建構一個可擴展、快速、安全的區塊鏈平台。

Thunder的共同創辦人Chris博士生在台灣,13歲赴美,22 歲獲卡内基梅隆大學 (CMU) 資訊科學博士,是CMU有史以來最快取得電腦科學博士學位的人。Chris曾和遊戲同好創辦著名的社交遊戲公司Playdom,2010年被Disney以5億6千多萬美元收購,創下社交遊戲的新紀錄。之後長達7年,做為阿里巴巴,Glasssdoor, Flipkart, Etsy的早期投資人。

Thunder是一群對區塊鏈熱忱、專業的團隊,我們以人才為中心,重視每位同仁, 提供扁平、有效率的工作環境,讓團隊快速的凝聚及成長,如果你也是區塊鏈的狂熱份子,想與世界頂尖的區塊鏈學者以及經驗豐富的工程師團隊一起合作,共同開發創新的區塊鏈技術,歡迎加入我們!






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1M ~ 2.5M TWD / year

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