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If you consider yourself to be a change-maker, a (soon-to-be) master of your craft & a huge advocate of a teamwork-driven culture, a seat at the TransBiz table is the next career chapter for you. An upgraded one.

Here’s why. We know that as much as agencies can be a blessing, they can also be a bit of a struggle too. That’s why TransBiz is not a typical marketing agency. It’s a full-service eCommerce growth machine with a focus on the Amazon marketplace and a mission to create purposeful brands that inspire people around the globe, including you too.

The truth is this - we spend a third of our lives at work. So can it really get any better than feeling inspired & motivated while working every single day? Let’s see.


We are the Branding / Marketing Force at TansBiz responsible for our clients success. Brand executives will assist with the brand managers and offer support whenever it is needed.

We will welcome you to apply for this role with the following requirements:

  • Recent college graduate from public university in Taiwan or from the U.S or U.K
  • Majors in Marketing/ Mass Communication/ Business
  • Outstanding score in TOEIC / IELTS
  • Good communication and presentation skills

The day to day work will include but not limited to the following:

  • Conduct basic research (market, product, social and competitor) and provide actionable insights for marketing plans & promotions.
  • Work with Brand Manager to create meaningful briefs for vendors to deliver best in class work.
  • Send relevant requests to vendors with SMART Goals and ensure all requirements are met and everything is consistent, complete, accurate, and up-to-date (incl. advertising, listing, website…etc).
  • Monitor weekly reports and follow up with necessary tasks to improve performance.
  • Consolidate weekly reports into a monthly report under Brand Manager’s guidance and co-present to clients.
  • Export Amazon weekly sales report and provide a summary with actionable insights.
  • Conduct the monthly inventory report with forecasts for the client's future stock replenishment and implement our recommendations.
  • Collect product information from the manufacturing and merchandising department to ensure product description is accurate.
  • Manage and follow up on Amazon accounts related tasks (incl. shipping requirements).
  • Work with Amazon account manager, TransBiz internal team and client to complete account registration and all relevant setup, as well as shipping requirements.
  • Arrange meetings and take meeting minutes during the meeting.
  • Help English speaking Brand Manager to translate & co-present TransBiz work.


Technical and Soft Skills

  • ASANA/ Slack /NOTION/ G-Suite
  • Proactive learner with accountability and integrity
  • Adaptable & agile for any situation
  • Responsive
  • Attention to the details
  • Good communication

If you obtain the following talents/ experience, that would be a plus for you!

  • 1–2 years of experience as an E-commerce Marketing Assistant or in similar roles
  • Familiar with EC Platforms especially Amazon Central
  • Understanding of Google Analytics and metrics such as conversion rate, average order value, and cart abandonment rate (GA & Google SEM/SEO related certificates)
  • Basic knowledge of SEM & SEO best practices

We do expect this role can grow with us in the following years:

-Senior Brand Executive (2-3 years)

-Brand Manager (3+ years)

Interview process

-HR Interview

-Hiring lead interview

-CEO Interview

1 years of experience required
35,000 ~ 38,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of TransBiz國際品牌行銷顧問_睿博數位行銷有限公司.

About us



TransBiz 是第一個在台灣協助企業以亞馬遜為支點,擴張事業版圖的代營運服務商,提供一站式的品牌跨境行銷服務。

目前公司的團隊夥伴有 75人(持續擴編中),來自世界各地,並還在持續地成長。國籍組成分布約有 30% 台灣、50% 菲律賓,20% 其他(團隊介紹)。於馬尼拉有辦公室與創意中心 Studio,小島 Sorsogon 也有小間的辦公室。

「人才是一間公司最寶貴的資產」,TransBiz 看重每一個人才在公司的成長與發展。希望你在這裡不僅能發揮你的專長、更希望你是因為熱情,並與我們的 Vivid Vision 2024 產生共鳴。



全職遠端的彈性工作環境:你將能選擇讓你感到最舒適與最具創造力的地方工作!只要在每天早上九點至下午七點,滿 8 小時的工作時間。

我們將與你一起建立職業道路以創建 KPI,以便您可以衡量自己的成長和下一步的成功。


協助更多的製造商、貿易商、創業者,在 TransBiz 的幫助下,達成他們的夢想。不論是藉由深入的市場調查研究分析,打造一個在市場上獨一無二且具受到目標客群喜歡、能帶來企業營收成長的品牌,抑或是透過網紅行銷、廣告投放與內容行銷的搭配,來協助新品牌的推廣。

以優質的教育內容,不斷推動企業在跨境電商運營、數位轉型、品牌經營等的相關知識,透過部落格內容行銷與 YouTube 頻道(TransBiz、睿伯R-Bay),幫助了在網路行銷、自媒體、跨境電商運營的個人或企業,持續地學習與成長。

主要商品 / 服務項目

我們協助台灣廠商在美國市場大幅提升銷量和市場能見度,為客戶一手包辦所有在 Amazon 上銷售的各種疑難雜症,包括市場調查、產品頁面優化、口碑行銷、廣告投放、金物流串連,為好的商品打造品牌風格與調性、建立品牌自有電商網站,並經營社群媒體擴大影響力。

2021 年,TransBiz 也開啟了國際站,希望服務全球的客戶,為他們的企業營收再創高峰。

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