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TransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photoTransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photoTransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photoTransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photoTransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photoTransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司 work environment photo

Job Description


TransBiz is seeking a competent Sales Executive. They are the key point of contact between an organization and its clients: meet with clients virtually or during sales visits, demonstrating and presenting the services, and establishing client rapport.

To be successful in this role, you must have the following traits: analytics, creativity and determination.

We are a small team that strives for growth and excellence, always moving in step with the dynamism that’s natural to the sales and marketing environment



Consulting calls with potential partners. (Takes 50~60% of working hours)

  • Language should be fluent in the target market (For Taiwan, Chinese is a must, for the US, English is a must, etc.)
  • Persuasive, confident to close the deal.
  • Knowledgeable about Amazon & Ecommerce to provide precise strategy based on partner status.
  • Dream-driven, great at inspiring people is desired: Since most of our partner is ambitious but don't have enough courage to put things into action, so great at inspiring people is a great asset for the role.
  • Some who can type fast is desired: It would be best to create meeting notes during the meeting because our deal lead time could be really long (1 week to half-year.), so a solid meeting record will be needed to recap with potential leads.

Negotiate deals and finalize contracts with partners. (Takes 10~20% of working hours.)

  • Follow up on the deal and schedule the 2nd, 3rd meetings with the partner to close the deal.
  • Collaborate with the Customer loyalty manager, instruct the project detail and timeline, so the Customer loyalty manager can help create the contract/timeline needed.
  • Service/contract co-creation with Amoeba teams: (10%)
  • Provide service suggestions according to the partner's demand.
  • Adjust contract: Apply new services to the current contract.

Interview process


  • Government subsidy proposal creation
  • Contract printed/signed if available to get into the office.
  • Organize and record product feedback to PH executive team.
  • (Optional) Video content creation:
    • Record YouTube video/podcast with Anfernee & Tami: (Visually beautiful is desired.) To build awareness and customer trust.
    • Suggest topics to Leo and Doris to create the draft.

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TransBiz 睿博數位行銷有限公司


About us

Transform your business, help you sell more globally.

TransBiz 相信台灣有許多優秀的製造商或中小企業,可以乘著跨境電商的趨勢,打造自己的品牌,提升產品的附加價值,開闢全球市場!

成立於 2015 年的夏天,TransBIz 持續透過集客行銷的方式自帶流量,以部落格文章建立在數位行銷、網路行銷、亞馬遜品牌跨境電商顧問&營運的權威。

在過去的 7 年裡,我們協助超過 150 個台灣廠商在美國、加拿大、澳洲市場大幅提升銷量和市場能見度。提供企業欲透過海外電商平台打開國際市場,增長海外營收及曝光所需的一站式解決方案。

從免費顧問諮詢到企業海外市場擴張行銷策略規劃,到品牌打造,接續上架、產品頁面設計與優化 Listing Optimization、數位廣告投放、口碑行銷、社群行銷、Shopify電商購物官網、登錄頁面設計、以及金流、物流串接。

我們希望能為更多創業家、中小企業、製造商打破文化障礙做好跨境生意,招攬更多TransBeezers 加入團隊,一起把台灣的企業推向世界的舞台!

2021 年,TransBiz 也開啟了國際站,希望服務全球的客戶,為他們的企業營收再創高峰。


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