Media Analyst 數位廣告分析師

Job Description

1. Setup and daily management of advertising campaigns across various digital platforms
2. Ongoing, real-time optimization of live media to ensure client goals are met and/or exceeded
3. Provide media planning assistance for upcoming campaigns, helping determine platforms to run on, audiences to target, creative strategies to implement, and more
4. Including the setup, implementation and measurement of various controlled A/B tests
5. Assist with client-facing campaign reporting and write-ups to ensure relevant metrics and insights are shown
6. Constantly work to improve campaign performance, insights collection and takeaways, and generally strive to “over-deliver” to clients


Required Skills/Experience: 1. BA or BS degree (Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or Finance a plus) or Entrepreneurial street creds 2. Advanced skills in Excel including pivot tables and macros 3. Ability to problem solve and think critically 4. Proven record of managing multiple projects at once 5. Ability to stay highly organized and efficient in a fast-paced, rigorous work environment



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