Performance Media Analyst 成效廣告分析師

Job Description

General Qualifications
1. You’re perfomance driven and analytically minded
2. You can balance short term performance w/ long term sustainable growth
3. Arbitrage is in your DNA
4. You’re resourceful
5. A team player
6. Highly organized and detail oriented enough to create a gameplan for success
7. Can Thrive in environments where you must keep several plates spinning, and jump in and out of them based on short term and long term objectives
8. And you’re passionate about something (work related, or not)


Required Skills: 1. BA or BS degree (Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or Finance a plus) OR Entrepreneurial street creds 2. Excel skills 3. Filters, VLookups, Pivot Tables 4. Ability to stay highly organized and efficient in a fast-paced, rigorous work environment 5. Enough analytics skills to begin a hypothesis, but measure it against something more qualitative like creative type/audience type and turn that into a test 6. Able to problem solve and think critically 7. Track record of performance Bonuses 1. Experience w/ the following Paid Products: 2. FB dark posts 3. Twitter 4. Adwords 5. Experience w/ Photoshop 6. Experience w/ Direct Response marketing/copy 7. Experience w/ A/B testing 8. Experience w/ Statistical Significance analysis 9. Experience w/ Correlation analysis 10. Some familiarity w/ HTML, CSS 11. Some familiarity w/ viewing Source Code w/ an understanding of what to look for 12. An eye for Conversion Centered Design 13. Can navigate Mailchimp or another email service



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