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You will bring your creativity, problem solving skills and software development abilities to work with a team of experts dedicated to providing great quality code for satisfying business needs. Your responsibility will include collaborating with web planners and developer teammates, evaluation of requirement and turn to code, delivering detailed analyses and innovative solutions on a range of critical cyber security challenges. You should be proficient in the C++ programming language, various software development tools. You must work with others and deliver great quality outcome of code and function for web site.


Responsibility - 3+ year software development experience. - Excellent understanding of software design. - Excellent knowledge in C++( Windows Visual C++ / GNU c++ ). - Excellent knowledge and experience of Multi thread and tcp socket client/server. - Understading in SQL. - Understanding in windows/linux of multi thread and tcp socket client/server program design. - Demonstrated experiences in HTTP/WebSocket Protocol, etc.. - Willing to work under pressure with tight deadlines. - Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills. - Bachelor degress in CS or equivalent.


1M ~ 1.5M TWD/year

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TREVI 特雷維科技有限公司


About us

特雷維科技是開發遊戲軟體公司,讓生活增添樂趣。 產品開發在Web及App上,主要的客戶群遍及亞洲地區。 顛覆玩家體驗並顛覆互動娛樂產業固有的框架。 特雷維科技成立於2016年,特雷維這個名字取自英文TREVI,它直接讓人聯想到義大利羅馬著名景點「許願池-Fontana di Trevi」,其實TREVI這個字有更深的5種含意:T:Talent、R:Respect、E:Enthusiastic、V:Value、I:Innovation。 人才尊重,人才熱情,人才價值及人才創新,這更是特雷維關乎的,以人才為中心出發,在特雷維尊重團隊每一個人的聲音,倡導分享想法,不分階級;在特雷維最常感受到的是對程式語言的熱情、團隊活動的熱情、相互激發不同觀點的熱情;在特雷維在乎團隊每個人的價值,期許大家盡情發揮,成就自己的價值不論在工作或生活;在創新的過程中總會遇到困難與挑戰,在特雷維我們相信人的潛力是無窮的,透過一次又一次的嘗試找出最佳的解決方案,朝共同目標前進,迎接勝利的果實。 我們是個相對年輕(平均年齡約35)但做事卻扎實的團隊,因為團隊成員大多來自知名軟體公司,因此歷練過多個產品的誕生,當然也包含產品失敗的經驗,使我們團隊做任何決定都有著這些經驗作為後盾,開放式的溝通,不定期的團隊活動,主題式的讀書會分享,閒暇之餘也會在員工休息室舉辦電玩賽事。 在公司中我們有 PM, Designer, RD, QA, DevOps等明確的職位, 透過正確的分工,盡量在每個feature中確實執行對應的task, 如:產出 Story 文件、UI/UX Design、Engineering Design Review、 Test Case Review、Implementation、Testing、Deployment。

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